19 Life Lessons From a 19-Year-Old

You do not have to believe every word I say but here you go:

1) Be brutally honest. People will get offended quickly but they will secretly admire you if you are not afraid to take a stance.

2) “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Always befriend people whose accomplishments and beliefs you want to replicate.

3) The best way to overcome the fear of failing is by failing on purpose. After you embarrass yourself in front of others, after you are at rock bottom, the only place you can now go is up and ahead.

4) Money is not everything but it is the only thing anybody keeps track of. 90% of “adult issues” are money problems. You could always do with more money. Earn it.

5) Read good books. Read. Good. Books. READ. GOOD. BOOKS.

6) Learn the art of effective communication.

7) You do not have to show extraordinary things about yourself to be liked by someone. Humans are self-centered. They’ll like you if you inquire about them instead. The closest way to get to someone’s heart is by being a good listener.

8) Learn a hard skill. Communication, networking, are soft skills but they won’t take you very far if you do not have a hard skill.

9) Exercise. Eat well. Sleep on time. A good mind and personality can only come out of a healthy body. You’ll live on one body all your life. Treat your body like a temple.

10) Do not overcomplicate your life. Build a great physique. Build a career. Build an empire. Repeat.

11) A lot of youthful years are wasted on the wrong people. Avoid that toxic shit altogether.

12) No matter what, kindness and compassion should be your highest-held virtues. Being a leader does not mean making people feel inferior. A good leader creates leaders, not followers.

13) The world is not as complex as you think it is. Ordinary people make epic shit happen. You can make epic things happen too.

14) Do what scares you. Do what feels difficult. The person who comes out of those events will be your better self.

15) Always think win-win. Take your friends and people around you together. If you are on 100, they should at least be on 99. Changes are not made by a single person.

16) Build meaningful relationships. Do not approach someone only to squeeze the last bit of value from them. It is a give-and-take game.

17) The real deal is not whether a glass is half empty or half-filled. The real deal is whether you can fill the empty half. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers.

18) Consistency is king.

19) Do things that you love. Spend time with yourself. Pursue what sets your soul on fire. Love yourself.

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