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@nepsetrader, Editor in Chief

To you, the reader,

I created nepalearn.com to teach you about money.

Now don’t mistake me for a financial advisor. I won’t give you legal advice about anything. You are free to believe my word or leave it.

And I am not sure if I am right. I don’t guarantee whether I will be seen giving the same advice 10 years from now.

But I am certain that I might be of value in the path to financial freedom. Why?

Because I am walking the same path. This site is nothing but an online documentation of everything I go through and learn.

There are a few things I have learned already:

Money does not change people, it reveals them

Ever heard somebody vilify those who love money?

People almost take it as a fact that money changes people and leads them to evil.

This isn’t true. How people live and behave entirely depends on the values they accept. Money is only a medium that brings a person’s deepest beliefs to life.

For instance, if you have wicked thoughts while you are broke, you will only bring such emotions to practice when given the monetary ability to do so.

On the other hand, a person who donates Rs. 10 while earning Rs. 100 will likely donate Rs. 5,000 when he begins earning Rs. 50,000.

If your intentions are straight today, more money can help you to materialize all of them.

Take this as a motivation to make money.

Money does not buy happiness, but neither does poverty.

Bring money into the discussion and people will go on defense mode.

“Money won’t make you happy.”

“Family is more important than money.”

“Your greed for money will never be satiated.”

All of this is true. But the equation isn’t complete here. Agreed that happiness is more important than money. But you do not have to ditch one to get another. You can be rich and happy.

Which is more important for survival? Air or water? Both are! Right?

Money does not guarantee your happiness but it sure increases your chances. Yes, I can buy a bed but not sleep. But I would rather give my best try on a bed that feels like a cloud than on the cold, hard floor.

You will never earn more money if you hate it

People have contradictory opinions about money. They hate the idea of money and at the same time want to make more of it.

Have you ever seen somebody become successful at something they utterly hate? Then how come you expect to be successful around money if you don’t have a positive attitude about it?

Learn to love money positively. Embrace the wonderful changes it brings in the world. All infrastructure, family houses, and health care are made possible because of this piece of paper.

I do realize that some value something else more than money. If this is you, there is nothing wrong with it. We all work for our deepest desires and aspirations. You go work for yours!

But if you (like me) have understood the sense of freedom and safety that money brings, you better learn to handle money smartly. You gotta love it and the entire process of making it.

Feel free to drop your opinions, email me, or call me if your thoughts resonate with mine.

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