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Bedros Keuilian Net Worth 2023, Wife, Company, Book, and Social Media

In the world of health and fitness, Bedros Keuilian is one of the most influential people there. He is well known for his fitness programs and company called Fit Body Boot Camp.

Keuilian is actively engaged in coaching and training. He is actively engaged in giving training and coaching sessions on self-improvement and health to different businesses and start-ups.

Bedros Keuilian comes from a very low-income family. He was born in a then-communist country, Armenia. At the age of 6, he moved to the U.S. as an immigrant. 

Keuilian suffered from being overweight during his childhood. He used to be bullied, and he was a very shy type of person. Nobody would have thought that one day this child is going to influence millions of people in his fitness and self-improvement domains.

Bedros Keuilian Age

Bedros Keuilian was born on July 22, 1974, in Armenia. Now he is 49 years old.

Bedros Keuilian Net Worth 2023

Bedros Keuilian has a net worth of $200 million. His massive wealth comes from his company Fit Body Boot Camp, which has spread its franchise to over 700 locations in the US and Canada. From this franchise, he gets the compensation. 

Keuilian has also launched different programs related to fitness and body health. He is a fitness trainer and entrepreneur who trains his clients to remain fit. The majority of the clients come from businesses and start-ups. He earns from his fitness business as well as his fitness consultancy where he teaches people to stay fit and healthy.

Keuilian is also a New York best-selling author. He is the author of a book called Man of What Remains in the Top Selling Chart. His book has also covered his inspiring story of failure and success.

The journey of Keuilian is really inspiring. He came from a poor background and built multiple startups that failed, and he tried and tried, and ultimately built a $200 million net worth. 

Net Worth$200 million
CompanyFit Body Boot Camp
ProfessionInvestor, Author, Fitness Trainer

Bedros Keuilian Supplements 

Bedros Keuilian promotes the supplement brand called Truelean Nutrition. That brand claims that all the products are made with natural elements. Keuilian is seen promoting the brand through his social media accounts and he also claims that he also uses its products.

Trulean Nutrition has more than 12k followers on Instagram. They promote the brand such as Immunity Boosters, Super Green, Premium Protein, etc.  Their products are available on their website and other many e-commerce sites.

Bedros Keuilian Wife

Bedros Keuilian Wife

Bedros Keuilian is happily married to his wife Diana Keuilian, who is also a fitness trainer like her husband. Reportedly, they first met in a Bedros gym. They had similar interests and they started their talking with casual talks on similar topics. 

Shortly after, with their closeness, they started dating and talked more about fitness and gym and they started spending more time with each other. After some time of dating, they eventually got married and today they are a happily married couple. 

However, they have not posted many pictures of them together on their social media handles. Bedros Keuilian and Diana Keuilian have two children together. 

Diana Keuilian is also very active on her Instagram account. She has more than 11k followers on Instagram where she uploads fitness-related videos, recipes, and cooking-related posts. She is a health-concerned person who takes fitness as a priority. 

Diana also has a YouTube channel by the name of “Diana Keuilian” where she has more than 14k subscribers. There she shares videos about self-improvement and personal health.

Bedros Keuilian Company

Bedros Keuilian has started many companies and many of his companies collapsed without making a single profit. However, this rise and fall made him reach the position where he is now. 

In 1997, when the internet had just started to boom, he had built a supplement product-selling company. Its business collapsed and he did not make a profit because he could not sell products online. This was his first business that collapsed and he learned from his failure and dedicated himself to working hard on his business.

In 2002, Keuilian started his second company which was a software company. At that time, many internet companies were booming. It was the era of software. His company was related to building software for clients. His company also failed. This was the second failure he recorded in his life. This time, he learned from his failures and committed to building another company in the coming years.

Fit Body Boot Camp

In 2010, he founded a third company called Free Body Boot Camp. Free Body Boot Camp is a company that trains a group of people and makes them make healthy living and uplift their living standards. The company has spread over 700 locations in the US and Canada. The company is now making huge profits and the majority of its net worth has been built from this company. 

Bedros Keuilian learned from all the failures before making this company and with his hard work, dedication, and consistency, he made this company over the valuation of $200 million. He was also featured in 500 fastest-growing franchises, a list published by Entrepreneur’s Magazines.

Bedros Keuilian the Project

Bedros Keuilian also runs a project called MDK project that has the purpose of training businesses and entrepreneurs. They run a training program where they teach people to train mentally and physically so that they can perform better in their businesses. It is a paid project so it accepts only limited people. MDK project is also covered by many media houses like Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur magazine, etc.

The course goes through some hard challenges where the people have to train in such conditions. The main aim of this training is to challenge people to go through tough situations so that they can know the potential of their mind and body, and then implement the outcomes into their businesses to improve their standards.

Bedros Keuilian Book

Bedros Keuilian Book

Bedros Keuilian is also a New York Times best-selling author. He published a book by the name “Man Up: How to Cut the Bullsh!t and Kick @ss in Business (and in Life)” in 2018. The book has 4.7 stars on Amazon Customer Ratings. 

In this book, he shares his personal life experiences of success and failure. He shares the strategies and tricks that helped him to make millions of dollars in profit through his company. He has talked in depth about the communication and leadership skills that are needed along with the discipline to build a company and venture.

Keuilian Bedros shares the valuable lessons of his life and highlights his journey through communication leadership and business strategies. The book is helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs. It has given a new way of looking at the failure in the business.

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Bedros Keuilian Podcast

Bedros Keuilian Podcast

Bedros Keuilian runs a podcast channel that is pretty popular among aspiring entrepreneurs. His podcasts are available on YouTube and other audio streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc. In his YouTube channel, he has more than 600K subscribers. To date, it’s it’s listened to by more than 60 million people all over only YouTube. His listeners are widespread among the other platforms too.

Through his podcasts, he shares his journey, his failures, and his successes, and he tries to teach the valuable lessons that help to grow the business. His podcasts are engaging and he presents it in an unfiltered way that helps to think about perspectives and business perspectives in a different manner.

These podcasts are info-centric that helps to guide people in the right direction to become an entrepreneur or disciplined person in general.

Was Bedros Keuilian in the military? Is he a Navy Seal?

Many people on the internet refer to Bedros Keuilian as a military veteran or think he used to work as a Navy Seal in the military, but that’s not true. 

Bedros has never gone into the military, and from a young age, he was into fitness, business, and earning money. He never went into the military service. 

Apparently, this question may be raised because his father was a party member of the Armenian Communist Party. So people also think that he might have a relationship with the military. But the short answer is that he never served in the military.

Bedros Keuilian Tattoo

Bedros Keuilian has some tattoos on his hands. In his left hand, he has done a tattoo design throughout his whole hand. While on his right hand, we can see a small small tattoo design below the wrist.

Bedros Keuilian Social Media

Bedros Keuilian has a huge fan following on his social media accounts. He has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, more than 600k subscribers on YouTube, more than 350k followers on Facebook, and more than 15k followers on Twitter. As a whole, he has more than 2 million followers all over his social media accounts. 

On his social media accounts, he keeps sharing videos, posts, and pictures related to self-growth, positivity, and motivation. These posts are dedicated to motivating a person to become a better version of himself.

His content includes topics such as health, fitness, financial intelligence, career advice, things to do and not to do, money, etc.

Bedros Keuilian Quotes

Here are a few Motivational and Inspirational Quotes said by Bedros Keuilian.

“I can teach them the skills, but if they come to me with consistency, focus, and discipline already instilled, I can create superhuman team members.”

“You can build yourself an empire. But first, you must give up the excuses, take control of the situation, and rise to your potential.”

“Be careful who you listen to. Most seek risk. Few see opportunity.”

“My greatest fear in life has always been being average.”

NameBedros Keuilian
Age49 Years Old
Country of OriginArmenia
BookMan Up
WifeDiana Keuilian
Children 2
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

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