Best Websites for Nepal Share Market [2023]

Are you looking for the best websites to make serious money in the Nepal Share Market?

In Nepal, the stock market has been growing rapidly in recent years. This makes it an attractive option for many people looking to invest their money.

Investors have to have appropriate knowledge and news about the companies that are listed in the stock market. This ensures they can invest with confidence while reducing risks.

For that, there are many websites to look at. But which one is the most trusted one? Which websites can you count on?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best websites for the Nepal Share Market, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to investing your money.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about investing in the Nepal Share Market.

Best Websites for Share Markets

NEPSE News and Information Websites

Investing in stocks can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner.

Fortunately, there are several sources of news and information that can help you make informed investment decisions.

These websites offer the latest updates on stock prices, market trends, and financial news that can help you stay ahead of the curve. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular NEPSE news and information websites, and how they can help you make better investment decisions.


Sharesansar is the granddaddy of all the online stock news portals in Nepal.

It is one of the most popular English-language stock news portals in Nepal which provides non-biased and factual investment information regarding the listed companies in the NEPSE.

In fact, it does not miss the companies that are about to be listed in the NEPSE and are about to issue IPOs in the future.

It provides regular updates regarding the IPO, mutual fund, FPO, debentures, and IPO for locals as well.
One can also know about the stock auction through it so one can question what doesn’t it provide.

A guy/girl might be left scratching his/her head knowing the pieces of information that the Sharesansar aka the granddaddy provides about.

So let’s find out about it.

We have already talked about IPO news and other stuff relating to it. The other important thing that matters is exclusive news regarding a listed company.

Seeing this one might say what’s the big deal? The answer is it is a big deal for investors if the news includes the quarterly financial status of the company.

This helps the investors to make up their minds about investing since they have all the information in their hands.

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Sharesansar Highlights

Announcements of dividends and AGM-SGM are other good works that are being done by Sharesansar for the benefit of the investor.

Investors see these announcements that they might have missed in regular newspapers and plan accordingly.

Proposed dividends, bonuses, and right shares are also a big deal for small investors who cannot buy in bulk to make the necessary profit from the stock market.

Recommendations made by the CEOs, analysts, and CFOs in their interviews with Sharesansar greatly help the rookies to gain standing in the market.

Overall one can expect good quarterly analysis, credit ratings, and the news to have a good night’s sleep after investing their money in the most uncertain thing in the world.

Website homepage of Sharesansar, one of the best stock market news portals in Nepal for NEPSE investors.


Sharesansar may be the granddaddy of the online stock news portals in Nepal but the top spot of the most viewed online stock news portal is claimed by someone else.

If there is any website that can give investors a run for their money, then it is

A popular and most-viewed stock market news portal of Nepal, Merolagani is in the Nepali language which most investors find easy to read and deal with.

Like Sharesansar, it also gives exclusive news on finance, real estate, IT, auto, and the economy.

Opinion and Analysis are a must for any stock news site so Merolagani also has them but in Nepali language making it easier to understand.

One thing that sets Merolagani apart from the granddaddy is that it has videos on youtube regarding various subject matter. See for yourself:

Market overview, market summary, indices, turnover, gainers, and losers are some of the daily diet routines to wet the beak of the investors.

Merolagani extensively covers hydropower, infrastructures, economy, and insurance on its portals because they are the pillars on which the stock market stands currently.

Last but not the least, Merolagani gives time and again updates on AGM, new IPOs, dividends, and right and bonus shares top sectors as the cherry on top for the investor’s digests.

Logo image of merolagani, which is another good NEPSE share market website.


Now let’s forget the titbits and think about the comprehensiveness of the information in a detailed manner.

Well, one can think of many newspapers even the online versions of them for that but those are not the detailed ones.

Nobody comes closer to the volume of financial and business news in online news portal sites like Bizmandu.

With news and facts encompassing almost every sector of the economy, Bizmandu stands tall in front of others.

With the daily dose of news in Finance, Banking, Corporate, Auto, retail, Politics, Country, and Style it has been able to carve a special place in the hearts and minds of investors and news consumers.

For the enthusiasts of stock markets, nothing carries more weight than the words of the present-day champions which are included in the special and interview section of Bizmandu.

After doing everything possible in the book how can we leave the IT sector behind since it is the hotcake of today’s world? And the answer is Bizmandu doesn’t.

Covering all these factors it presents a lovely and digestive dose of information and news for its reader overall.

The website of Bizmandu covers news about the Nepal Share Market and various other economic matters.
Picture Credit: Fcaebook


Lastly, we talked about detailed information now let’s take it one or even two notch up.

But before doing that let’s ask you a question, What is governance?

Now let’s not google that, because Bizpati covers that as well.

I have previously stated that I am taking the detailed information up a few notches and I have come up with Bizpati.

Bizpati makes Bizmandu look pale in comparison with its information and the wide range of sectors that it covers.

Consisting of Governance (which I mentioned before), Stock, Banking, Insurance, Industry, Private Sector, Opinions, Focus, and Economy.

This doesn’t end here.

Further, in the industry section, it has Manufacturing, Health, Real Estate, Auto, Telecommunication, Employment, Education, Transport, Hydropower, and Aviation as well.

With this much in its bag, once you visit it will cover every area that you need to cover and see for yourself.

Website content screenshot of Bizpati
Pictures Credit: Facebook

Arthik News

Arthik News is an up-and-coming online business news portal.

It covers Bank and Financial Institutions, the Stock market, Insurance, Economics and Politics, Infrastructure, International business news, Profit, IPO, Budget, Auto, Real Estate, and Cooperatives as well.

Similar to that of Bizpati and Bizmandu they cover a wide range of subjects and matters which are very vital from the business and commerce perspective.

Website screenshot of AarthikNews.

Nepali Paisa

It is another online stock news portal that can give merolagani and sharesansar a run for their money, starting with its motto.

Ethics-driven information sharing. This is the motto of Nepali paisa.

It covers listed companies, news, Nepse Data, Annual General Meetings (AGM), Dividend and Investment announcements, Financial reports, Floorsheets, Investment opportunities, IPO results, and many more things.

Apart from these things, Nepali paisa does something that the granddaddy and the market leader cannot do as well.

Nepali Paisa provides tools like an IPO calculator, Margin Lending calculator, net Price Calculator, and stock screen as well which makes the life of an investor a lot easier.

NepaliPaisa is a growing platform for share market enthusiasts in Nepal.
Picture Credit: Nepali Paisa

Isn’t it cool!

So these online news portals can definitely cover any inquiries that any Nepalese investors can have in their mind about investing in the Nepalese stock market.

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Important Official Websites for Nepal Share Market

In countries like ours, official online news portals from a government entity are considered to be more reliable than others because of people’s mistrust of private entities and their portals.

Online news portals containing stock information, news, and reports are considered invaluable to investors.

However, I have also prepared a list of official websites for you to use that are equally valuable, if not more:


Ah! The hailed NEPSE website.

That’s what I am talking about.

It does not get more official than this. The portal operated by Nepal’s only stock exchange contains everything.

By this, I mean every damn thing.

This online portal contains the day’s floor sheets, Indices, Stock Trading, Market Capitalization, Prices, Depth, and Summary. What more do you need?

It also provides News Alerts in real time, Press releases, Notices and Corporate disclosure.

It has listed the names of Brokers, Stock dealers, Listed Securities, Company classifications, and many other things if you want to double-check!

With a market capitalization of over 3 Lakh Crore ($23 billion), one can surely hope to be a millionaire if he plays his cards right with all the information.

Official Website Screenshot of Nepal Stock Exchange.
Picture Credit: Facebook


The official website of SEBON, the regulatory body of Nepal’s stock market, provides various useful data for the general public and investors.

All the upcoming IPO issues, rights issues, mutual funds, and debentures are categorically listed in SEBON’s pipeline.

Sometimes, private news portals tend to overexaggerate or underplay the status of a company. To avoid manipulation, SEBON unveils the official prospectus of each company itself on the website.

SEBON also regularly publishes its enforcement actions online on its official website.

It has also published Acts, Regulations, and Guidelines necessary for safe investment as well.

So think twice before doing anything wrong if you want to become Harshad Mehta of SCAM 1992.

New Office of the Securities Board of Nepal.
Photo credit: Online Khabar


Remember waiting in lines to fill up the share form for hours in the end and not even being allocated a single IPO or right share.

I remember it like yesterday. For the record, I have stood in line for seven hours to apply for shares in the winter.

However, those days are now over thanks to the courtesy of CDSC (CDS and Clearing Limited).

CDS and Clearing Limited was established in 2010 to provide centralized depository, clearing, and settlement services in Nepal.

The company was inaugurated on 31st March 2011.

The main objective of the company is to act as a central repository for various instruments (Equity, Bonds, Warrants, etc).

Latest Nepal Share Market statistics as seen in CDSC's official website.

Especially to handle securities in dematerialized form.

This organization is entrusted with the safekeeping, deposit, and withdrawal of securities certificates and transfer of ownership/rights of the said instruments.

CDSC is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE).

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Its online portal contains information regarding Investors, DP, RTA, Clearing members, Issues, and services provided.

Most notably, CDCS’s official website displays live data about application status and statistics of an ongoing public issue. It also displays a database of Demat users and investors.

NRB (Nepal Rastra bank)

Now comes the Granddaddy of all the banks and financial institutions of Nepal, the NRB.

Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation of Nepal and Inflation Reports shown in the official website of Nepal Rastra Bank.

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the Central Bank of Nepal, was established in 1956 under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act, of 1955.

Since its establishment, there has been significant growth in both the number and the activities of domestic financial institutions in the country.

It has published Laws, Policies, Regulations and Guidelines, Bylaws, Circulars, Supervision, and statistics which can prove very vital for any investor at the present time.

These policies play a significant role in disturbing the market dynamics altogether.

Ministry of Finance

If NRB was Granddaddy, the MOF (Ministry of Finance) is the “Don Vito Corleone” aka the Godfather.

Now that I have told you where to get the best research and info, let’s talk about the facts.

The facts that the highest financial authorities in the land have. The Ministry of Finance gives the investor the cold hard facts through Economic Survey and Budget.

Like the NRB’s monetary policy, these documents have a profound impact on the market.

The market can go either up or down. It is up to the investor what to do with these policies in hand.

If one does not know how to use the thing he/she has in their hand, they will end up poor for sure. Utilizing it is the only way to make a quick buck or just lose its value of it. After some of these harsh words don’t worry. I have bought you some additional stuff as well.

And what’s the extra stuff?

Strategies aka the know-how to use the things in your hand.

Ministry of Finance

Stock Market Blogs, Charting Solutions, and Misc

These websites and blogs are going to show how to invest your precious money properly so that you get your money back many folds. So now can I have your attention gentleman? And ladies. Almost forgot!

Nepal Earn

This website you’re reading now started as a personal blog that shows you ways to make a pretty penny through stocks and other options.

If you visit Nepal Earn you will see the author’s journey and experience through ups and down and even beyond.

This blog provides you with investment guidelines through a learning curve where you earn while learning in the process.

This journey will remind you that there is still time to invest and make big without making your own mistake and learning from others.

Savings Nepal

“Make Smart money decisions every day.”

What a cool motto. Well, the motto above will say you about the website more than I and I am already hooked up on it.

Savings Nepal teaches you t earn through saving(basic!!) and cryptocurrencies ( damn that’s a first!!).

It teaches you to save.

The website of savingsnepal provides fundamental analysis of companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange.

It teaches you to invest through stock, crypto, Real estate, IPO, and Mutual Funds.

As if that wasn’t enough it even teaches you about beating the Stock Market. I mean what more do you need to be a millionaire!!!

Savings Nepal has acted as a teacher and savior for all who have wanted to have a good return on their hard-earned money.

And its motto says it all.

Nepse Trades

Welcome to the Idea and Info Forum or at least that’s what it say’s.

Nepsetrades will share with you Ideas and Info about how to invest and how to invest safely.

It gives you guidance and alerts about upcoming IPOs, FPOs, Mutual Funds, and Right Share so why don’t you start right now?

The website NepseTrades has been consistently delivering precise stock market information to Nepalese readers.


“Simply Investing”

That’s short but believe me, it’s smart.

Investopaper has everything at its disposal that makes you one hell of a smart investor.

It has news, blogs, and analysis of the trifecta to have when you invest in the stock market.

So guys and girls what are you waiting for? Go…

Nepse Alpha

Now comes the giant of technical charts!!! Everybody clear the way!!!

NepseAlpha presents you the Training Signals, Alpha Screen, Alpha Charts, and Investment Tools without which you would be running blind in a bandit valley.

And everybody knows how dangerous that can be.

Without the technical charts and minute-by-minute information, one may be doomed and one may be saved!! Which one do you want to be?

Nepsealpha is the only website that provides advanced share market charting solutions for free in Nepal.

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