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BluKitsune9: Age, Height, Weight, Net worth, Pets

BluKitsune9 is a popular Twitch streamer with almost 32,000 followers. She’s known for her fun and creative Twitch content.

She has a huge fan base for her amazing content and her livestream. She is also popular for her long livestream on her Twitch account. Besides, she is also popular on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Instagram.

She is also known as Blu and Orchidsandhoney based on her presence in different Social Media platforms.

There have been many assumptions on her real name but no one actually knows her real name as she keeps her personal life secret in the social media spaces.

How ever people guess that her real name also starts with Blu.

BluKitsune9 Age, Height, Weight

BluKitsune9 was born in the United States on November 16, 1998. She is 25 years old now. Being slim and having perfect body structure, she weighs approx. 53kgs/116 pounds.

Her height is 5’3 feet/160cm. Likewise, she has beautiful brown eyes which looks mesmerizing.

BluKitsune9 loves highlighting her hair as we can see her in different hair colors which looks very beautiful and attractive. Most of her recent hair color includes blonde, purple, ash grey, golden brown etc.

BluKitsune9 Height

BluKitsune9 Ethnicity and Zodiac Sign

Born in the United States of America, BluKitsune9 belongs to the White ethnic group. Born in the United States of America, many people also compliment her about her looks and say that she looks Korean or Japanese.

Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their intense passion, determination, loyalty, and strategic thinking. Their mysterious and private nature, coupled with a touch of distrust, adds layers to their personalities, making them intriguing and complex individuals.

BluKitsune9 Twitch

BluKitsune9 gained her popularity and fan following through the help of Social Media.

Today, she is active on various platforms like Twitch, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube. With all these platforms, she has a huge fan base and people enjoy watching her livestream too.

BluKitsune9 is most active on her Twitch account. Her Twitch account is BluKitsune9. She has a verified account on Twitch with 32,000 active followers.

She includes tags such as Cozy, Friendly, Cosplay, Anime, and Reaction in her Twitch livestream which shows the characteristics of her livestream.

Most of her fan following is based on the United States followed by Canada and Germany. She plays games, reacts to other videos, and does entertaining activities on her Twitch livestream. 

BluKitsune9 sets a goal of increasing a certain number of followers on her Twitch livestream daily which is almost always completed. 

BluKitsune9 Twitch

BluKitsune9 Instagram

BluKitsune9 is also active on Instagram with username orchidsandhoney which has a massive 120k followers.

She posts aesthetic and cosplay pictures on her Instagram account. BluKItsune9 loves traveling to different places which she posts on her Instagram. She has visited places like Puerto Rico, Hogwarts, and Colorado and posted it on her Instagram account. 

Unlike other influencers, she doesn’t post about her daily life on her Instagram account. She remains silent and keeps the matter lowkey. 

BluKitsune9 Instagram

BluKitsune9 recently posted a photo in her pink bodycon while posing seductively.

The caption was:
“Say the word and you know I’ll follow
Off the grid, I could take you far
Could be nice in the summer time
We could sit inside in the silence”

These descriptive lyrics and phrases suggest that she is apparently a music lover, or perhaps a sucker for pretty words.

Some fan comments include:

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to a whole new world made just for you and this space cowboy.”
“Looks sexier than front and back”
“It will be nice to be with you off the grid and chat”

BluKitsune9 pose

BluKitsune9 YouTube

BluKitsune9 is one of the most popular figures on YouTube with 310k subscribers. 

Her channel name is BluTube and she posts reaction videos. 

Some of her popular videos on YouTube include reaction videos about American Dads, Comedian, Funny Fails, Family Guy, Try Not to Laugh, and many more. 

Her YouTube videos usually last 10-20 min long and are entertaining to watch. 

BluKItsune9 YouTube

BluKitsune9 Net Worth

The estimated net worth of BluKitsune9 is around $600k-800k. 

Her main income source includes Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, Superchats, Tips, PayPal and many others.  

She charges $5 per month for her Patreon subscription.

She also does affiliate marketing where she posts about her setup and one can easily buy it in Kit. She also earns from StreamElements where her fans tip her. The minimum amount to tip is $5.

She has also partnered with brands like colourpopcosmeticsmissguidedweekendwigsfentyskin and more.

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BluKitsune9 Pets

BluKitsune9 is a pet lover and she often shows her pets in her livestream. 

Being a pet lover, she has a Puppy dog named Zuko and a Kitten. She is seen playing with them and spending a good time with her pets.

BluKitsune9 Pet

BluKitsune9’s Past and Mental Health Issues

BluKitsune9 gives her fans a lot of smiles, laughs, and butterflies. But her own life wasn’t always a bed of roses, it seems.

In an Instagram post published on October 4, 2019, her internal struggles have come to light. In the picture, BluKitsune9 is seen posing for a mirror selfie while holding a stuffed toy.

But on closer look, the picture exposes the cut marks and multiple scars on her right hand, indicating that she might have tried to cut herself. This can be a sign of emotional distress or mental health issues during that time.

The selfie exposes the cut marks and multiple scars on her right hand.

And her caption supports this too. She wrote “You can be the most ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches,” quoting Dita Von Teese.

The caption suggests that she was perhaps going through a rough breakup with someone. Someone unlucky enough who hates the ripiest peach online.

BluKitsune9 Interesting Facts

  1. She thought she would be good at acting because she always wanted to be an actress.
  2. Her favorite snack/drink is bubble tea(Boba).
  3. She has also done shooting a few times but it’s not her hobby.
  4. She is obsessed with teddy bears and stuffed animals.
  5. She is dyslexic.
  6. Her favorite region is specifically Japan and the culture there.

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