How I Got Accepted into Daraz Nepal Affiliate Program (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to apply for and get accepted into the Daraz Nepal affiliate marketing program.

So you want to make money with affiliate marketing in Nepal, huh?

And Daraz Nepal, the mother of all affiliate programs in Nepal, has got your attention. 

You can smell the money in the air. 

Slow down, grasshopper. Your dream is coming true. 

This article will guide you through the steps to sign up for the Daraz Affiliate Program

Now let me shut up and jump right into it.

Daraz Nepal Affiliate Program: What’s the big deal anyway?

Daraz is the grandaddy of e-commerce in Nepal. 

Other e-commerce sites like Sastodeal and Gyapu are also there. But in front of Daraz, who are we kidding?

Daraz Nepal takes up most of the market share. 

And Daraz recently introduced its affiliate marketing program. 

Here’s why it’s important: People are going to buy from Daraz anyway. If you can come somewhere in the middle of this and direct sales from your link, you will get paid.

Here’s how Daraz’s affiliate program works:

Basically, you promote products at Daraz Nepal with an affiliate link unique to you. You promote the products on your website content or social media. 

And if your viewers click on it and actually buy the thing, you get a commission. 


Generate multiple sales in a month, and your life is set. 

Also, affiliate marketing isn’t labor intensive like freelancing on Upwork or numerous other ways to earn money in Nepal.

What are the Sign-Up Requirements for Daraz Affiliate Program?

Joining the Daraz Nepal affiliate marketing program is free for anyone, both new affiliates and experienced ones.

However, there’s a small catch:

The biggest requirement is that you need to have at least 10,000 followers on any of the social media platforms or your website.  

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need while signing up for the Daraz affiliate program:

  1. A link to your qualifying website, and/or link to your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc with at least 10,000 followers.
  2. An account on Daraz with the same email that you’ll use to apply to the affiliate program.
  3. Your citizenship number.
  4. Postal address of your city of residence.
  5. Tax ID, also known as the PAN number.
  6. Bank account number.
  7. Bank IBAN number. (how to get this, later in the article.)
  8. Bank SWIFT number. (how to get this, later in the article.)
  9. Bank’s branch code. (how to get this, later in the article.)

With all this, you can easily submit the application form. 

However, there are things that you won’t need during the process:

  1. You don’t have to verify that you own the website or social media page that you’ll submit in the application. 

(Update: I’ve found out in my application process that they later ask for access to your website’s Google Analytics.)

  1. You don’t need to upload your citizenship certificate. 

How to Sign Up for Daraz Nepal Affiliate Program? How to Fill out the Form for the Daraz Affiliate Program?

Let’s go through the step-by-step process. 

To sign up for an affiliate account, go to Daraz Nepal’s affiliate portal and click on ‘SIGN UP NOW’ at the center of the first banner.

The button is orange, you’ll see it easily. 

How to Sign Up for Daraz Nepal Affiliate Program


Step 1: Fill in your personal info. 

You will have to choose whether you are registering as an individual or a company in the “Account Type” section. 

You will then have to input your full legal name, one that is on your citizenship certificate. 

If you are registering as a business, you will also have to enter the business registration number. 

One would think that someone registering as an individual won’t have to enter anything there.

However, I noticed that the form won’t be submitted later if you leave that space empty.

If you are signing up as an individual, input “0” in the “Business Registration Number” field. 

Now, enter your email address. 

Note that this email should be the one you use to open an account in Daraz Nepal. 

How to fill the application form for Daraz Nepal Affiliate Marketing Program

Tip: When I was making a Daraz Nepal account (not the affiliate account), there was an issue with phone number verification.

It said: we have detected unusual traffic from your network, please try again later.

If this happens to you, simply sign up with Google, this option is on the bottom right of that page. 

Step 2: Add more personal details.

The National Registration Number / Government Issued ID Number is simply your citizenship number. 

In my citizenship certificate, the number is like this:


However, you may encounter an issue if you try to enter the hyphens too (the little “-” signs). 

Enter the number without these hyphens. 

For the postal address, you can simply enter the postal code of your city. Search that from Google. 

Step 3: Affiliate promoting platform details

This section is where you will enter the details about your promoting platform.

You can either promote your affiliate links on your website or through social media accounts. 

In both cases, you will have to enter the link to your website or social media account/page. 

If you have entered the link to your website, also choose the monthly traffic that you get. 

For social media accounts, I guess they will manually check for your follower count. However, you will have to choose monthly traffic from the dropdown menu. 

In the “traffic type” section, I chose “Influencer/ Content Creator” since that reflected me the best. 

Tip: Gaining 10,000 readers on a website is a lot easier than gaining 10,000 followers on Instagram. Check out my detailed guide on how to create a website in Nepal for under Rs. 2,000.

Step 4: Enter your Tax details

You need a PAN card to apply for the Daraz Nepal affiliate program.

This is where you will enter your tax details. 

In Nepal, the Tax ID is basically your PAN number. 

As I said earlier, you need to have your PAN card to apply for Daraz’s affiliate program. 

Now, in the VAT rate, enter the number 13 because that’s the VAT rate for Nepalese citizens. 

Select “Yes” from the “Vat Applicable” section. 

Step 5: Enter your bank details

The Daraz Nepal affiliate program asks for your bank details.

Don’t get confused: “beneficiary” means you. 

So, under the “Bank Information – Beneficiary Name” section, make sure you write your own name. 

Do not write the bank’s name. 

This is true for all sections that have the word “beneficiary” in them. 

Enter the address and phone number that you used to open the bank account in the past. 

Step 6: Now enter the details of your bank

Now, this is the section to enter the details of your bank. 

Again, “your bank details” are different from “details of your bank.”

Haha. I can’t believe I’m actually having to say that. But I don’t want you confused. 

Okay, enter the address of your bank. I simply wrote the name of my branch. For example, if your account was opened in Nabil Bank, Durbarmarg, simply write “Durbarmarg Branch.”

Now here’s the important part:

To get the IBAN number, you may have to call your bank. They likely have a 24-hour call center, at least mine did.

The branch code also isn’t publicly available. 

You may have to ask the call center representative for your particular branch. 

Daraz says “SWIFT number,” but it’s really a code, not a number. 

You can find this number online. If you don’t, ask it on the same phone call to the customer center. 

While the branch code is different for each branch, the IBAN number and SWIFT code are the same for a particular branch, regardless of which branch your account belongs to. 

Step 7: Submit the form

Screenshot of me clicking submit on Daraz Nepal's affiliate program application form.

Agree to the terms and conditions, and click on submit. 

If all fields are properly filled, you should see this:

Screenshot showing successful submission of Daraz Nepal Affiliate Program application form.

Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your application for the Daraz affiliate marketing program. 

Now pray to God, cross your fingers, and bite your foot.

I was kidding, about the last part. 

How long does Daraz take to approve my affiliate account?

Daraz approved my affiliate marketing application in 22 days.

I submitted my application on March 02 earlier this year.

A representative from Daraz then sent me an email on March 13 requesting access to my website’s Google Analytics.

I gave them view access on the same day.

Finally, on March 24, I got an email about my acceptance to Daraz’s affiliate marketing program.

I got accepted into Daraz Nepal's affiliate marketing program.

This is the Daraz Nepal affiliate dashboard login link:

Daraz Affiliate Program Commission Rate

According to their website, Daraz claims that affiliate marketers will earn as high as 10% commission on products that they recommend.

The minimum payment threshold is Rs. 1,500.

You can’t request payment withdrawal if you haven’t met the threshold. Rather, the commission amount will be accrued to the next month.

What is the cookie period of the Daraz Affiliate Marketing Program?

The cookie period of the Daraz Affiliate Marketing Program is 7 days.

4.2.3 Cookies dropped for the purpose of order tracking of Products by Customers under Clause 4.2.1 shall be valid and available for 7 days thereafter.

Daraz Terms and Conditions

After a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, you will be credited for a commission for any product that they buy in the next 7 days.

Note that I said any product, not the product you promoted.

I confirmed with a Daraz representative, and Daraz does pay a commission for products bought during the cookie period, even if it’s not the specific product you promoted.

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