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Dylan Wang Net worth, Upcoming Shows, and Girlfriend Details

Dylan Wang has been the center of attention ever since he portrayed Daoming Si in the 2018 television series, “Meteor Garden.”

His portrayal of the rich and handsome Daoming Si propelled him to international stardom. However, he first dazzled us with his undeniable charm, not as an actor but as a model.

Transitioning from a model to an actor, Wang has proved that he is more than just a pretty face– He is an incredibly talented icon. 

His journey in showbiz has been nothing short of remarkable. The 25-year-old heartthrob has been active in the industry for nearly a decade with numerous films and TV show credits.

While his career is undoubtedly flourishing fans are curious about his net worth and earnings.  Here are the details of it!

Dylan Wang Net Worth

Dylan Wang holds an estimated net worth of over $1 million. His primary source of income is his career as an actor and model.

Interesting fact: Wang worked as a flight attendant before stepping into the showbiz. And in a 2019 interview, he mentioned that if he wasn’t an actor he would still be working as a flight attendant. 

The much-loved actor must have made a substantial amount as a flight attendant before as the average salary for male flight attendants in China generally ranged from around CNY 100,000 to CNY 200,000( $14000 to 28000) per year before 2016.  

Well, the charismatic Chinese actor’s journey to financial success began with his breakthrough role in the 2018 remake of “Meteor Garden.”  The series became a massive hit globally.

With a $33 million budget and considering the global popularity, the series paid off big. As a result, the actors could have earned a significant amount, including Wang.

It is no doubt that Wang’s career reached new heights after his breakout role in 2018. He not only garnered fame and accolades but hefty paychecks.

Dylan Wang during the set

Following the massive success of “Meteor Garden,” he graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar with his co-stars. His popularity grew even more when he joined the variety show “Phanta City” and became a part of the second season of Hunan TV’s “The Inn2.”

Likewise, in 2019, the celebrated actor landed a role in the youth revolutionary drama, “The National Southwest Associated University and Us” which certainly bagged him a hefty amount. 

Additionally, he was cast as the male lead for the second season of the fantasy drama, “Ever Night,” which was quite phenomenal. Then, Wang took on the male lead role in multiple series including, “The Rational Life” and “Miss The Dragon.” 

He further starred in, “Unchained Love,” “Never Give Up,” “Hello Saturday, and “Going All Out Action School.”

The rising star had another big break when he starred as “Dongfang Qingcang” in the  IQiyi costume fairy drama “Love Between Fairy and Devil. This series received much love for its storyline as well as Wang’s exceptional acting skills.

This isn’t all, Wang has other sources of income as well such as Brand endorsements and sponsorships. 

Dylan Wang Endorsements And Sponsorships

Wang makes hefty sums through endorsements and sponsorships. His Instagram game is strong with whopping 4.9 million followers. And he frequently posts about Louis Vuitton which bag him impressive sums. 

Yes, the multi-talented actor is rocking the fashion world as the Brand Ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Bench, the local brand. He is also a regular feature in Harper’s Bazaar. 

Dylan Wang

What’s more interesting is that he has established his own clothing brand, “D.Desirable.” Wang isn’t just making headlines; he’s making money moves.

As his popularity grows, more international opportunities and bigger brand partnerships are expected to come which will undoubtedly boost his bank balance.

Dylan Wang Upcoming Shows

The talented actor Wang has one upcoming television series named, “Guardians of the Dafeng,” as per IMDb. In this upcoming series, he portrays Xu Qian, a night patrol officer in Dafeng City.

As the city is hit by a series of mysterious incidents, Xu Quian must put his skills to the test, solving crimes and protecting the citizens.

So yes, Wang is playing the main role therefore fans can anticipate a gripping performance from the actor.

The series is set to be streamed on Tencent however, the release date is still under wraps. Stay tuned and get ready for another dose of your favorite Dylan Wang!

Dylan Wang Girlfriend, Wife, and Relationship Details 

Wang keeps his personal life under wraps however, he has been linked to several women in the past. Not to mention, the rumors and speculations about his relationships have sparked curiosity among fans.

In 2018, the heartthrob from China was seen with a mystery woman and rumors about his relationship status and potential marriage began circulating. However, Wang didn’t spill the tea.

Furthermore, he was also rumored to be dating his co-star Shen Yue from “Meteor Garden.” Not to mention, their on-screen chemistry fueled the speculations about an off-screen connection. But neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors. 

Dylan Wang and Qin Lan

In 2021, Wang was once again linked to actress Qin Lan, his co-star from “The Rational Life.” Fans speculated that their on-screen chemistry might turn into a real-life romance.

Moreover, their off-screen meetings such as Wang waiting for her flight and social media posts of hotpot date fueled the speculation further.

On the other hand, Wang has not officially confirmed any of these relationship rumors. He continues to keep his personal life under wraps. As a result, it is unsure if he’s married or is in a relationship.

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