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Best Tip Ever: Read this if you want to be a Freelancer in Nepal

You have surely seen a photo of a person working on his laptop on a beautiful beach, probably holding a drink in one hand.

You also want to have that lifestyle. Working from the comfort of your bed wearing nothing but pajamas is the dream. Also, you don’t quite enjoy the boss looking over you every second of the day.

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Nepal is a virgin land for freelancers. Businesses have only begun to realize that it is smart to rather hire somebody temporarily for a quick project than pay an employee for an entire month.

You have likely realized this already and want to get into freelancing, either for the first time or want to dive in headfirst after doing it briefly.

I am gonna give you one (and only one) tip that will prevent your freelancing journey from being a pain in the arsenal.

The Tip

So here is the big tip. You ready? Drumrolls, please. Here you go:

Get a Job

What? Isn’t this treacherous? Why would I advise you to go do something that you so badly want to escape? Here are exactly four reasons why:

Getting a Job gives you valuable connections

I currently work as a content writer at a private digital marketing company. Had nothing to do at home so I applied for a job and got it.

I did not know that while applying. I just thought I would be writing for them. But turned out I would be writing for a variety of their clients.

The first clients I wrote for were travel companies. Since nothing had been done before I was employed, it didn’t take much from my side to gain instant praise and approval.

But I have to say, my most valuable earning from this job is the network I built. Just to give you an example, I have already finalized a long freelancing project with one of the many people I met.

Getting a related job brings you miles closer to people you will deal with in the freelancing business. Trust me, you will never meet such easily-convertible clients at freelancing sites or through word-of-mouth.

You will get not-so-bad samples to show your clients while freelancing

If you are new to the freelancing world, let me tell you that getting clients (the right ones) is a tough thing. Those who have already got into this will agree when I say that it takes quite some effort to prove to clients that you are qualified for the task.

The number one way to prove your metal is to show previous samples of your work. This will show that you know what you are talking about. Also, since somebody else already trusted you with their money, you will instantly provide social proof to your potential client.

You will obviously create something of value while working an office job for your boss. Next time a client asks you to prove your worth, refer them to this work of yours!

You can pass the first few months without feeling like a piece of adorable shit

You have security when you have a job. You are sure that no matter how much you play PUBG in the office or watch Youtube, you are going to be paid at the end of the month (if they don’t notice).

However, once you start something of your own, like a business or freelancing, you lose this security immediately. Things are especially hard for the first few months when everything is new and strange.

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But if you are engaged in something else as well, you will create an imaginary state of security. You trick your brain into believing that it is not in the succeed-or-die phase. And this removes the insecurities, worries and leaves enough time for focusing and putting in actual work. Because so often we think that we are planning about something when we are actually stressing out and overthinking.

Have an office job and work for yourself in the mornings and evenings. If the job and your freelance task are the same, you can also do your freelance task when the workload is a little light in the office.

You get enough time and space to plan your big thing

Do you think you will get the best idea to save your ship if you are already in the storm?

You now think you have wonderful ideas for your freelance career. But once you get your feet wet in the water, not all things will go as planned.

The longer you let an idea to synthesize itself in the brain, the better. Before you jump in and get all into it, give yourself some flexibility of spending enough time with your freelancing idea. In other words, properly plan for your big thing.

Getting a job is a perfect way to be in this state. You will have a decent source of income that will sustain you till freelancing begins to pay.

If you want to be more secure, I suggest you don’t leave the job until you believe freelancing will now pay for all your expenses and keep the house running.

However, don’t put off your idea forever pretending to wait for the perfect moment. Your best moves will be seen when you get all in and are desperate to make it.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing is the next big thing in Nepal. Companies and businesses will start looking for more freelancers to work from them remotely.

However, before you jump in the boat, try getting a related job first so you can test the water and get ample time to prepare for the upcoming journey.

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