How to correctly log into meroshare for the first time (without getting blocked): NEPSE Investing Guide S01E02

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So you’ve made your Demat account to invest in IPOs.

Meroshare is an online platform that allows you to apply for IPOs online.

If you have already applied for meroshare while applying for a Demat account, you will get an email with your username and password that looks like this:

You can also apply for meroshare to buy IPOs from your home even if you have already made your Demat account.

However, if you enter the wrong DP, username, or password for 10 times, your meroshare account is blocked. Unblocking it is very difficult because you will have to send an email with a form to ask for password reset mail again.

These are the things that you should keep in mind while accessing your Meroshare dashboard for the first time.

1. Your Depository Participant is not always your bank

So I told one of my friends to make her Demat account from Prabhu Capital because it was offering free Demat services for three years.

Her bank account was from NIC Asia Bank.

But this isn’t the real problem. Even stockbroker companies make a Demat account for you. All you have to do is connect your Depository Participant (one who makes your Demat account) with your bank account.

So, after you get the first email to access your meroshare, the link takes you here:

Now, since my friend is very smart, she put NIC Asia in the place where she was supposed to fill the name of her Depository Participant, which is Prabhu Capital.

She would have blocked her account trying continuously if I hadn’t stopped her.

So don’t mistake your bank with your DP.

However, for some people, the bank and the DP are the same. It is not a problem for them.

2. Your username is not crazyme007

Since we are habitual with apps like Instagram and Facebook asking for our username, we go straight to choose our own username. I have seen many people typing their name in the username field for the first time.

The correct username you should fill is the one provided in an email. It looks like this:


Ignore the two zeros. Fill 123456 (The six digits after 00).

3. Your initial password

For some strange reason, the password that the email provides does not work for all.

I blocked my meroshare account the first time too.

I typed the exact letters they had given me. I tried typing them both in lowercase (small letters) and uppercase (capital letters).

However, only after my account was blocked, I called Prabhu Capital and realized that the initial password is 12345 for all.

Once you fill all the details above correctly, you will be directly taken to the new password renewal portal. This is where you set your own secure, secret password for meroshare.

After this is done, you will be taken to Meroshare’s dashboard. This is the place where you can apply for IPOs online.

It looks like this:

Fiddle with the menus. It is a simple platform with only a handful of things to do. It isn’t difficult to figure everything out.

Now, this is the important part: You will need to fill your CRN Number here to connect your Meroshare with your Bank account.

This is important because, whenever you apply for IPOs online from meroshare, the equivalent amount is blocked in your bank account.

This is all there is. Relax, the process isn’t as overwhelming as you thought. One day, you’ll look back and laugh at how dumb you were. I do that now sometimes.

6 thoughts on “How to correctly log into meroshare for the first time (without getting blocked): NEPSE Investing Guide S01E02”

  1. Shiva Prashad Sapkota

    My login ID and password is not working since I get it into my email.

  2. Hi, Pawan. You should call the institution from where you made your account. They’ll send you a reset link.

  3. Binay Kumar Mahato

    There is also a bank mistake for providing meroshare id no. .Go and check id no. with Demate account no. because Dp id and username is as demate account no.. Passsword is mandatory.

  4. Hello Samin, I also wanted to invest in stock market but I don’t get a lot of thing. Even after reading your article I’m confused 😕. It’s not like I don’t get english , it’s just because I never had interest 😅 in this kind of things and now all of sudden I
    am interest. I don’t even have my bank account .please suggest me from which bank it would be more helpful to invest in stocks. And how should I start investing.

  5. Hi, Akash.

    It does feel like you are in a state of confusion. Because it does not matter which bank you use to make your Demat account. Investing in the secondary market required a trading account, and only a stockbroker company can open one for you.

    You can choose from any of the following:

    You can also contact me directly via Instagram @nepsetrader so I can assist you further regarding all things investing. 🙂

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