How to See NEPSE Chart and Company Charts for Technical Analysis?

You’ve probably started researching the stock market of Nepal, called the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). A good friend told you a thing or two about stock trends and chart reading. Maybe that youtube video had tutorials on how to identify buy and sell signals on a stock chart.

But where the heck do you get the chart of NEPSE? Where can you see the stock charts of companies and sectors to do your analysis?

Point 1: The exchange itself does not give you any chart of its own.

This is the official website of the Nepal Stock Exchange, the only stock exchange of Nepal. Data shown on the home page of this website shows the market summary of the last session or the current session (if you happen to visit the website during market hours).

However, if the next trading session resumes, the data of the previous trading session is replaced. Furthermore, the only chart shown on the home page is a simple line chart of the NEPSE index. Rather, a candlestick chart would provide better insights into the market movement. Also, if you want to invest in companies, you might want to look at the chart of companies. The official website provides no such feature.

Point 2: You can find simple charts for free on Merolagani and Sharesansar

Sharesansar is the most popular news portal covering Nepal’s capital market in the English language. On the other hand, Merolagani is the best portal for viewers who want to read in the Nepali language.

Both portals have a rich collection of company data, quarterly reports, news, and announcements. Both portals also have individual company profiles of all the companies listed in NEPSE where one can get company-specific news and financial data. If you look at the portals of these companies, you see that both portals provide a candlestick chart of the particular company.

However, the stock charts are not real-time and the data is updated only after a trading session closes. Additionally, you do not have additional functionalities on these free charts, which are very important if you want to take chart reading seriously.

Point 3: Nepsealpha is a great free chart provider with additional functionalities.

Nepsealpha has everything that you need as a chart reader and technical analyst. Unlike the previous two free sources, it gives free candlestick charts along with additional functionalities. However, like in the other two sources, the data is updated only after a trading session closes.

Point 4: Sharesansar’s premium software, SSPro, has live charts along with additional investing tools.

I personally use Sharesansar’s premium software, SSPro for my stock analysis. They also have additional features on their premium software, like the investment worth calculator, index analysis, market confidence meter. The software also has a rich storage of financial data and company metrics. However, since I am a chart reader exclusively, I couldn’t care less about them.

Nonetheless, I do use the portfolio tracker that they have because they have reminders whenever I hit a profit target or a stop loss.

Point 5: SystemXLite is also an alternative.

I have seen some people migrate to SystemXLite from SSPro because they think the former is better. At the same time, I have seen some migrate from the former to the latter.

While I have yet to test the effectiveness of SystemXLite, this portal certainly is gaining popularity and users in recent times. I will update this article once I test the site myself.

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