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Islam Makhachev Net Worth, Record, Loss, Next Fight, and Wife

Islam Ramazanovich Makhachev is a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC lightweight division. Makhachev started his career as a professional UFC fighter in 2010. He is currently the UFC lightweight champion. He is in the 3rd rank of UFC lightweight division. 

Makhachev has an outstanding record throughout his UFC career. He is also compared with UFC undefeated legend, Khabib Agomedov. He is also called a refined version of Khabib, as they have similar stats and styles of fighting.

Makhachev is also a winner of the World Sambo Championship 2016 held in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Islam Makhachev Age

Islam was born on October 27, 1991, in Dagestan, Russia. He is 31 years of age.

Islam Makhachev Record

Since the beginning of his UFC career, Islam Makhachev has maintained records of winning numerous matches against big fighters. He is also known for finishing his opponents within a few rounds which shows his complete dominance in the lightweight UFC divisions.

Throughout his career, he has played 25 matches, and out of them he won 24 and lost only 1 match. Out of his 24 wins, he has 24 knockout wins, 11 wins by submission, and 9 by decisions. He lost a match against Adriano Martins on October 3, 2015. 

In that losing match, Adriano Martins knocked out Islam Makhachev with punches in the first round of the match. That was really shocking to his fans, and Makhachev himself. Islam Makhachev was on a winning streak of 11 matches but in that fight, Adriano Martins broke his streak.

However, after that loss, he did not stop winning the matches. He has continued to make a winning streak of 12 matches to date.

Islam Makhachev and Khabib

Islam Makhachev and Khabib

Islam and Khabib come from the same place, Dagestan, Russia. They have been friends since their childhood. Khabib has retired from UFC fighting, however, he has not stopped his training and he is seen coaching many players including Makhachev. He remained undefeated throughout his career, where he completely dominated his opponents in the fights. Khabib himself has admitted that Islam is a great fighter.

People also say that Islam Makhachev is better than Khabib. No doubt Islam has similar striking skills as Khabib, but it would be better not to compare them. If we examine Khabib’s fights, we can notice that his IQ and striking power were better than Islam’s. 

There is a chance that Islam can perform better than now in the upcoming days, but for now, it is unfair to compare him with Khabib. No doubt both are great fighters. If both the fighters were playing now in the same arena, it would be difficult to judge the winner, without the actual fight.

If we do not consider Khabib, there is no doubt that there is no better lightweight fighter than Makhachev, at least for now.  It will be exciting to see whether Islam Makhachev can uphold and expand upon Khabib’s legacy or not.

Islam Makhachev Loss

Islam Makhachev has lost only one match throughout his career. On October 3, 2015, Makhachev fought against the Brazilian Adriano Martins. That was the 2nd match of his UFC career. In that match, Adriano Martins made it to win against Makhachev in the first round with a knockout by PUNCH. Islam was overstretched during the fight and at the moment, Martin’s punch made him into the ground.

However, after defeating Adriano Martins, Islam Makhachev has maintained the current winning streak of 12 matches. On the opposite side, Adriano Martins has never won any match after that win. In his recent 5 matches, he has lost all of them.

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Islam Makhachev Next Fight

Islam Makhachev Next Fight

Islam Makhachev is scheduled to fight against Charles Oliveira in the UFC 294 main event on October 21, 2023. In that match, Makhachev will be defending his title at the Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi where more than 15,000 audience is expected to present.

These two fighters had a previous fight on October 22, 2022, where Islam Makhachev won against Charles Oliveira by submission in a second round. At that time, Charles Oliveira was on a winning streak of 11, and eventually after the fight, his record broke down. 

This will be interesting to see whether Charles Oliveira will take his revenge or not in the upcoming match. Or, Makachev will add one more victory to his bag.

Islam Makachev Wife

According to our sources, Islam Makachev is married to his wife in April 2021. In the YouTube video uploaded by a person attending the marriage, Makhachev’s wife can be seen in a white gown on their marriage day. UFC stars like Khabib and Zubaira were also spotted in the marriage.

Islam Makhachev’s wedding leaked video

However, this video has not been uploaded by any renowned media or authorized person. Khabib has kept his relationships, and personal life a secret from people. Makhachev has not posted any videos or photos of his marriage on any of the social media accounts.

In an interview with ESPN MMA, Makachev revealed about having a daughter. So it confirms that Makhachev is a married man and has children too.

Islam Makhachev Net Worth

The net worth of Makhachev is around $2-3 million. The majority of his income comes from UFC fighting, where his per-match salary is around $ 500k, including match fees, winning fees, and bonuses. 

Another source of his income comes from brand advertisements and collaborations. He is the brand ambassador of Wahed Invest, an online money investment platform. He also promotes crypto brands like Saitama, and other brands like Gorilla Energy drink, and Al Hadaya.

Also, Islam is active in the real estate business in the USA and Russia. Also, he earns handsome money by providing training sessions all over the world.

Islam Makhachev Social Media

Islam Makhachev has got a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram and 400k+ followers on Twitter. Makhachev usually posts about his UFC matches, interviews, brand collaborations, and some random photos with his friends on his social media handles.

He keeps updating his fans with what he is doing, where he is going on vacations, and what he is doing in his free time. Besides his personal information, he usually shares what is going on in his life. His humorous way of mocking his opponents on social media before the match is something that you can’t miss, especially if you’re his fan. 

He does not hesitate to reply to his trolls and haters on his Twitter. His sense of humor can be seen through his tweets when he trolls back to his trollers.

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Height5ft 10 in
Weight154 lb
Country of OriginRussia
Current UFC Ranking3(Lightweight)
Lost AgainstAdriano Martins(October 3, 2015)
Net Worth$2-3 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

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