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Jasmine Roth’s Career, Family, Net Worth

Jasmine Roth a famous Star, a TV host by profession, an entrepreneur, and a businesswoman. She is a popular figure in the industry of designing and building houses.

She started her journey straightforwardly by buying a small piece of land, building a house, and renovating it with her husband. They would document every process of building the house from scratch and post it on social media.

Many people loved them and watched their content throughout as she slowly started to gain likes and followers on Instagram.

Eventually, she founded a company with the same gist of work they were doing which was building and decorating houses, and turned it into the main source of income.

Interesting right? Well, there are many more interesting things to know about the famous Jasmine Roth.

Jasmine Roth Age, Height, Weight, Nationality

Jasmine Roth was born on September 17, 1984, in Virginia, USA. She and her two siblings Tyler and Ashley, all grew up with their parents.

Jasmine roth in her working attire with tools in her belt and wearing gloves.

Standing 5 feet and 10 inches tall with natural blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes, weighing 143 pounds, she is a proud American and a devout Christian.

She completed high school at Shenandoah Academy in her home state Virginia. She then pursued Business, Entrepreneurship, and New Venture Management at Northeastern University situated in Boston, Machechusets.

Jasmine Roth Husband

Brett Roth was born on 14th December 1984 in the US. He is an entrepreneur, an owner of Roth Staffing, and has been a Senior Vice President at Roth Staffing since 2018. Bret is also the Vice President of Ledgent Technology.

He went to Northeastern University in Boston and pursued an education in Business and Entrepreneurship. That’s where he met Jasmine for the first time as they studied the same subjects at the same University.

Most of the people already know this about them but did you know they were platonic roommates who lived together? Jasmine and Brett lived together as roommates having innocent and ideal feelings toward each other.

They both had other partners in their lives at that time. That might be the reason why they couldn’t see themselves ending up with each other even if they were practically living together as roommates.

But it wasn’t until one day Jasmine’s grandmother saw them and saw a spark that was beyond their friendship and realized that the connection between them was more than just friends.

Jasmine Roth Wedding

Jasmine Roth married her college sweetheart Brett when she was 29 years old. Her and Brett’s wedding wasn’t that big nor it was small. But “the day of the wedding was perfect” as she mentions on her blog.

jasmine roth and her husband brett roth holding hands for the wedding picture.

The Roths got married in 2013 at a destination wedding in Park City, Utah. Surrounded by loved ones, the bluegrass band music playing in the background, and some really good food were well enough to enjoy the lovely occasion by everyone present.

It was a dreamy and memorable night for everyone who attended the marriage ceremony. Alongside the bride and the groom, everyone else was also laughing and enjoying the time equally.

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How did Roth become famous?

After completing college Jasmine moved to California to gain her career in corporate consulting. She worked as a Service Manager and Sales Agent, Human Resources Receptionist and Recruiting Assistant, and Account Executive.

A few years down the line, while she was working, in 2010 the couple bought land in Huntington Beach, California. They decided to build their own house and a house next door to balance the cost.

They dedicated their weekend to building their house but realized the weekend was not enough to make it happen. So, they both decided to quit their job and give their full time and attention to the project. 

Yes! you heard it right. They quit their job. Having little to no exposure or knowledge of building houses, with time they learned with failures and slowly started loving the process and started documenting it.

the piece of land where roth build her first house.


jasmine roth first house with husband and thier child


They would capture everything they were doing step by step, making videos and posting them on social media. As the videos were all real, raw, and natural, many people got hooked on her work.

In the process of making their dream house, in 2012 they founded Build Customs Homes, an online venture where you can have a conversation with Jasmine herself as a consultant and customize your own dream house.

Guess which was the first sale of the company? Yes, you guessed it right. it’s the house next door. She continued designing custom homes for her clients and slowly she got to improve her portfolio.

With huge amounts and likes and views every day, people started getting to know her more from her content of building houses. The hashtag #beachbuild on the videos fortunately got the attention of the production company from HGTV.

Shortly, Roth gets an Email from them explaining how they want to do a show with the same idea of building a house on the beach and want her to be a part of it. And without a doubt, she agrees to be on the show.

poster of jasmine roth's first TV show HELP! I wrecked my house

One thing led to another, she won her first show, then became the host for 3 seasons, and eventually got to have her show. Jasmine Roth and her husband Brett have come on a very long and wonderful journey together.

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Who is the Daughter of Jasmine Roth?

Hazel Lynn Roth was born on April 21, 2020, which makes her 3 years old today. She is as much as enthusiastic and creative as her mother. 

After being married for 7 years and achieving many goals together the couple welcomed their first child, Hazel, in 2020 the same year the first season of her show Help! I Wrecked My House premiered.

jasmine roth with her husband brett and her daughter hazel

Having a first child during COVID-19 and when she was at a peak in her achievement was such a blessing for them. The couple cherishes every bit of their happiness on social media through pictures and videos. 

She has also expressed herself about being a mother on her website and posts pictures and videos about spending time with her daughter on her Instagram.

Jasmine Roth’s Instagram

Her Instagram @jasminerothofficial, is filled with happy moments with her friends and family, her brands, her achievements, vacations, tips and tricks, promotions about her other businesses, and most recently with her daughter. 

She documents every moment on her Instagram where she receives an immense amount of love from her supporters and well-wishers.

jasmine roth playing with snow with her daughter

Hazel also has her Instagram @hazelrothofficial, managed by her mother obviously, where she has portraits, enjoying vacations, her outfits, etc on posts and stories.

How much does it cost to hire Jasmine Roth?

For a 45-minute appointment with Roth, she charges 2000 dollars and the other designer charges 500 dollars for the same time.

Build Custom Homes is an online venture and boutique development company founded by Roth alongside her other team members and designers who are experts in giving solutions to your doubtful questions. 

It is a site where you can choose your designer, and share your challenges, goals, and photos of the house. You can then get an online one-on-one session with the designer you selected and get consulted to make your dream house in reality.

jasmine roth being ready for consulting to her clients online

With Roth and other team members working as an expert designer and consultants, you can first choose your designer, schedule your comfortable timing with the designers, and simply fill out a form answering simple questions.

Lastly, you need to pay the fees conveniently. And that’s it. That’s all you gotta do to get your queries answered. At the date and time of your choosing, you get the time for a 45-minute appointment with Jasmine Roth herself.

Jasmine Roth’s Net incomes

The net worth of Jasmine Roth can be estimated at 900k net worth and 97k salary where the source of income is mentioned to be the entertainment industry.

At the age of 39 (as of 2023), and already having a lot of achievements on her plate, working in the building and decorating industry for 12 years, she still has a passion to learn more grow to new heights, and discover other ventures.

jasmine roth is seen working with her house building tools

She won season 1 of the HGTV show Rock the Block and got to host 3 seasons of another show Hidden Potential from 2018 to 2020. She hosted her show Help I Wrecked My House for 4 seasons now which ended recently in Nov 2023. 

As mentioned earlier she has an online venture Build Custom Homes and she is also the curator of the online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth.  Roth is also an author who published her first book, titled, “House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation,” in 2021.

Roth mostly gets occupied with her work but when she manages to find herself some free time, she and her family love to travel, snowboard, cook, and spend some quality time together in their house in Huntington Beach and Park City.

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