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Kaashvi Hiranandani Net Worth, Father, Family, Boyfriend and More

Kaashvi Hiranandani best known as KaashPlays is one of the leading female streamers of India. She is widely known for her incredible gaming skills in PUBG Mobile/BGMI.

The much-loved gamer stepped into the field back in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. “I’ve been gaming forever.” she spills in an interview.

The gaming sensation who’s been hooked on video games since childhood, has not only turned her passion into a profession but has also transformed it into a lucrative enterprise.

During the first lockdown, she was playing Call of Duty and funnily enough, got accused of hacking by a notable streamer. That was her sign to venture into the world of online streaming and content creation.

Within a year, her YouTube channel began to grow and she transitioned into a full-time streaming career. Now it’s a money-making channel.

Let’s dig deeper into her financial situation and find out how much she is worth.

How Rich is Kaashvi Hiranandani? Know her net worth

Kaashvi Hiranandani holds an estimated net worth of over half a million dollars. She has amassed this hefty sum through her career as a full-time gamer and content creator.

Kaashvi’s major source of income is through her YouTube channel and esports organization, Soul Esports.

She’s got not one but two YouTube channels – Kaash Plays and Kaashvi. Kaash Plays is where she slays in-game, with 1.11 million subscribers pulling in an estimated $299.5k a year.

On the flip side, her vlog channel, Kaashvi, with 190k subscribers, is bagging an estimated $553 to $8.9k in earnings.

Kaashvi Hiranandani net worth

As a hotshot streamer for Soul Esports, Kaashvi is likely to be earning in the label of the average pro esports player, which is approximately $5,000.

Let’s not forget the cherry on top – sponsorships and endorsements. With a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram and reels hitting over a million views, the money is coming in!

Besides, Kaashvi is also a co-owner of a clothing store, Molley Design as stated on her LinkedIn profile. No doubt, she receives an impressive percentage of the store’s profits.

After all, the 26-year-old is winning big! Earning staggering amounts, going on vacation, living the dream that’s making a million eyes jealous.

Kaashvi Hiranandani’s Life Before Stardom

Before the hype and the gaming fame, Kaashvi Hiranandani was living a life that resonates with many, studying and doing internships in Mumbai, India.

Her academic background is no less impressive- she received a Business Administration and Management degree with honors from the University of London in 2018.

In the early days, Kaashvi dove into the professional hustle with a 6-month gig as a Consultant Intern at Rakuten Viber from January to June 2014. Then, from March 2015 to September 2015, she worked as a Marketing Consultant at Hinge.

The grind didn’t stop there.

Kaashvi stepped into the shoes of an Assistant Manager at Molly Design, bringing her creative flair to the table from November 2015 to May 2017. Since 2019, she has been the co-owner of Molly Design.

Kaashvi had a breakthrough moment in 2021 while streaming games on YouTube. Since then, she has been making waves in the gaming world, currently, slaying as a Content creator and gamer at SoulEsports.

Kaashvi Hiranandani Father and Family Details

Kaashvi Hiranandani’s parents are Lalit Hiranandani(Father) and Mollie Hiranandani(Mother). She has one sibling: Karan Hiranandani.

Many are curious about Kaashvi Hiranandani’s father’s business. He is a director at a retail trading firm in India. According to our sources, Kaashvi Hiranandani’s father has a net worth of INR 55 crores.

Kaashvi Hiranandani father and brother

She often features her mom in her vlog and Instagram posts. But other than this, nothing much is known about the Hiranandani family as Kaashvi prefers to keep it under wraps.

The family of four happily resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Kaashvi Hiranandani Age And Height

Kaashvi Hiranandani was born on April 28, 1997, in India. She is 26 years old now. She has a perfect height as she stands 5’3 inches tall.

In addition, the streamer has beautiful black hair and glorious brown eyes making her a stunner!

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Kaashvi Hiranandani and Scout’s Relationship

What’s cooking between the gaming buddies, Kaashvi and Scout?

Rumor has it that the two are more than just friends. Not to mention, the media has even gone so far as to label them as girlfriend and boyfriend, especially after a headline dropped, “Scout With Girlfriend Kaashvi Hiranandani Together After FIGHT Arrives At Mc Stan Live Concert.”

A pro player for TeamXSpark, Scout, and Kaash have been friends for ages, probably bonding over their love for online gaming.

Kaashvi Hiranandani with Scout and other friends

As both of them frequently feature in each other’s vlogs, fans are left wondering about the true nature of their connection.

The air is thick with dating rumors, yet neither of them has confirmed the rumors or spilled the tea on their relationship status.

As they are playing it cool, nobody knows if they are really an item. Stay tuned for the updates!

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