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Karla De La Torre Net Worth, Age, Family and Boyfriend Details

TikTok sensation, Karla De La Torre has been rocking the internet for about four and a half years, and let me tell you, it’s been quite a ride!

Initially uninterested in social media and content creation, Karla found herself pulled into the TikTok scene by her younger brother. Little did she know that this decision would lead to a new beginning. 

At first, it was just being part of her brother’s TikTok video but then it became something that they did every day.

The breakthrough moment wasn’t some scripted comedy; it was a heartfelt video with her mother featuring her struggles, particularly not knowing how to make tortillas. 

The video went viral and she gained 6,000 followers in no time, and within three weeks, half a million. Currently, she has 10.8 Million fans followers on TikTok, 5.5 Million on Facebook and 2.2 Million on Instagram.

Not to mention, fans are curious about her financial matters. So here are all the details on her net worth and earnings.

Karla De La Torre Net Worth

Karla De La Torre holds an estimated net worth of over $1 million, making her a tick up above another popular influencer Jmg8tor. She has amassed this hefty sum as a social media celebrity. Her major source of income is from the TikTok Creator Fund, brand collaborations, and affiliate marketing.

As per the reports, TikTok generally pays between $1000 and $10000 for a million followers and creators may make much or less based on their content’s engagement level. With 10.8 million followers, Karla definitely makes a whooping sum. She also receives a generous paycheck through sponsored content and brand partnerships. 

Karla De La Torre owns a Jeep.

Furthermore, the much-loved social media influencer earns a substantial income through her YouTube channel, “karleshion,” which has 150k subscribers. Her estimated monthly earnings are between $2 to $26 and her yearly earnings are between $19 to $309 according to SocialBlade.

However, Karla has been inactive on her YouTube since late 2021. She hasn’t revealed any information on why she stopped posting on her YouTube channel.

Anyways, money’s flowing. She also owns a lavish Jeep worth $82,495 and travels to different countries as seen on her Instagram posts.

After all, the talented content creator is living her best life!

Karla De La Torre aspires to venture into Entrepreneurship

Karla is turning her internet fame into something even bigger. In an interview with Sol Carlos on Oct 21, 2023, she spilled the tea on her big dreams.

When asked about her future plan and manifestation, she excitedly revealed, “ I’m manifesting having my own house and maybe even starting a business, like a restaurant.”

Before fame, the social media star worked as a waitress. She revealed in a 2022 interview that she was still working as a waiter and balancing the demands of work and social media. 

Fast forward to 2023, she’s thinking of opening her own restaurant. This will certainly be an amazing source of income for her.

Karla De La Torre Age, and Family 

Born in Jalisco, Mexico on June 24, 1997, Karla is 26 years old now. She was raised in the ranch life of Alconero de Abajo. Currently, she resides in Kansas with her beautiful family of nine. Talking about her siblings, the internet star has five siblings-three brothers and two sisters.

As Karla is Mexican, her journey to the U.S. is filled with hardship. She has revealed in an interview that her family slept on the floor in a terrible house in the beginning and had a challenging time. 

Karla De La Torre family

Furthermore, Karla faced a horrible incident in February 2023 when a FedEx worker threw a package at her and told her to go back to her country as mentioned by the Independent

She shared this experience online to share the challenges that immigrants face. Her video went viral with over 26 million views and a FedEx employee was fired. Later, the worker made a TikTok video apologizing for her racist comment.

The 26-year-old internet personality officially became a U.S. citizen in August 2023 and is very happy. She encourages other immigrants to chase their dreams and work hard for their goals. 

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Karla De La Torre Boyfriend

Karla is relatively private about her dating life. However, she is linked to a handsome hunk named, Adrian Benitez. They are seen together in several videos and pictures.

Moreover, fans really love pairing them together as seen in the comment section. However, Karla has yet to spill the tea. While she hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship, fans shall wait for her announcement.

As for her dating history, nothing much is known about her past love affairs as she keeps it under wraps. 

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