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Cold Hard Truth on Business, Money, and Life

Kevin O’Leary.

That bald guy on Shark Tank.

Mr. Wonderful.

After digging him from the show, I read his profile on Wikipedia, and found out that he has written a book titled “Cold Hard Truth on Business, Money, and Life.”

I try to read only a few pages of a book every day, but this book is one I can’t get enough of. Every other chapter sounds like something I can’t miss reading. The last book I enjoyed this much was Jordan Belfort’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

These are the excerpts that were the most impactful for me.

  1. There’s a big difference between a “wish” and a “goal.”
    “I want to” or “I plan to,” are a lot different from “I wish I could.” Next time you catch yourself wishing for something, see if it feels any different to rephrase your thought as a “want to” or a goal or a plan. That simple difference in approach will open the door to some constructive action, instead of waiting for your wish to be granted.

2) I have learned one of capitalism’s most important rules: money may go to bad people, but it never goes to bad ideas.

3) To sell products, people have to relate not just to the product, but also to the person selling it.

4) If you can’t monetize a skill, it’s a hobby.

5) The mark of a true entrepreneur is that when one venture folds or fails, you move on to another. You never stop. You never look back.

6) The only thing that truly motivates people is money. And if that doesn’t work, try more money.

7) Wealth happens when you’re not looking. The old adage is “To properly split a log, don’t aim for the top – aim for the block beneath it.” Creating wealth is like chopping wood. Becoming wealthy truly happens when you’re pursuing the thing you love the most.

I haven’t finished reading the whole book, so this article is a work in progress.

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