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Levy Rozman GothamChess Net Worth

Levy Rozman, the internet’s favorite chess streamer, has a net worth of $15 million in 2024, making him a millionaire. Levy once claimed in a YouTube video to have a net worth of $500 million, but it was most certainly sarcastic. Nevertheless, according to our research, he makes more than most top 10 chess players.

Rozman is a popular American chess player, YouTuber, chess influencer, and author. The International Chess Master (IM) is better known by the name Gotham Chess online.

Rozman’s net worth comes primarily from his online presence. The American chess player is a wonderful teacher and shares chess tips on social media platforms.

In contrast, he participates in very few professional tournaments.

Nonetheless, Levy Rozman is a true example of hard work and sacrifice. He dedicates countless hours to guiding new chess players who entered the sport during the worldwide pandemic, thanks to the popular Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit.

Are you curious to know how Rozman made multimillion dollars in his net worth? What kind of lifestyle does he flaunt?

Let’s dive into the article to learn about this player’s earnings, wealth, and all personal gossip.

A Popular Chess Mater, Levy Rozman Standing In Art Gallary in Black Dress
Levy Rozman Is A Popular Chess Mater

Levy Rozman’s Net Worth At A Glance

NameLevy Rozman
Date of BirthDecember 5, 1995 (age 28 years), Brooklyn, New York, USA
ProfessionInternational Chess Master, Chess Teacher, YouTuber, Author
Net Worth$15 Million
Source of EarningsChess Tournaments, YouTube Adsense, Sponsorship Posts, Books, Live stream donations
Height5 feet 8 inches

Sources of Levy Rozman’s Wealth

The average salary of a professional chess player in the United States is around $10K per month and $120K per year. However, as a chess master and online chess streamer, Levy earns more than average estimates.

Furthermore, Levy has stopped playing in online tournaments and focuses more on online content creation.

While GothamChess would make a decent sum as prize money, perks, and bonuses for various chess tournaments, his online presence is what adds more millions to his name every year.

Here are the primary sources of Levy Rozman’s (GothamChess) net worth:

  1. YouTube Earnings
  2. Live Streams on Twitch
  3. Course Sales
  4. Brand Partnerships

YouTube Earnings

A huge chunk of Levy Rozman’s net worth comes from YouTube. His official YouTube channel, GothamChess, has 4.88 million subscribers, growing bigger by the day. His content is all about chess.

While Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and other chess streamers may be more talented than him, Levy knows what an amateur chess player wants.

He has a good grasp of how they think, and what they can do to improve at chess at their level. This has also led to the popularity of his “Guess the Elo” videos on YouTube.

Levy Rozman’s earnings from YouTube are diverse and include other sources explained later in this article. While he also earns from YouTube Adsense, his income sources expand further than that.

In his video descriptions, Levy has links to chess courses and he frequently promotes other products via the affiliate marketing model.

On the platform, his most popular video is of one where he plays against the lowest-rated chess bot on, Martin, with 30 queens to the bot.

Meanwhile, his oldest video is titled “GothamChess 1st Video” published 4 years ago. Clearly, his channel gained widespread recognition during the pandemic.

Live Streams on Twitch

Levy streams on Twitch, Discord, and Streamlabs every single day. He has 1.1 million followers on Twitch and 104,546 members on Discord.

Streamers earn on platforms like Twitch and Discord through subscriptions, donations, ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, affiliate marketing, and platform partnership programs.

Twitch allows viewers to subscribe to channels, donate money, and generate ad revenue for streamers, while Discord offers similar features through its Nitro subscription and donation channels.

Sponsorships and brand deals, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing partnerships further contribute to Levy’s streaming income.

Streaming successfully is hard work. Anyone can get lucky on a single stream and gain a lot of eyeballs in a day. However, to be a successful streamer, you have to put in the work on every stream.

And people won’t stay on your stream if you don’t have unique, insightful things to say. Based on his followers and fame, Levy has found the right balance to keep his content fresh and interesting.

Course Sales

The young and talented chess player also makes a huge sum from his career as a chess teacher. Yes, he is a brilliant chess teacher on the internet. Whether streaming on Twitch or publishing a video on YouTube, GothamChess does not fail to promote his chess courses and books.

His chess book, “How to Win at Chess, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND” is his most popular book. Also translated into German and Spanish, the hardcover version is currently priced at $24.99. Meanwhile, his chess courses are hosted on

Using his massive presence on online platforms, one can safely assume that GothamChess manages to direct a lot of potential buyers to his courses and books.

Levy has proved that content creation at the top pays better than playing chess at the top levels. He earns significantly more from his multiple income sources than most grandmasters earn playing chess.

While the prize at big chess tournaments like the World Chess Championship is significant, we should note that only one person wins the big prize fund.

Brand Partnerships

Levy also earns through brand partnerships with reputable companies. These partnerships happen in various forms of promotion, such as sponsored content on his streams, social media shoutouts, or mentions in his videos.

For instance, he frequently integrates sponsored segments into his streams where he discusses the benefits of a product or service.

Over the years, GothamChess has promoted numerous brands like Honey, Blinkist, Surf Shark, Babbel, Audible, Incogni, and Epic Games, among others.

As a popular chess streamer and content creator, Rozman’s endorsement carries weight among his audience, making him an attractive partner for companies seeking to reach his dedicated followers.

These brand partnerships give Rozman an additional income stream while also offering value to his audience through relevant and curated endorsements.

Additionally, leveraging his platform for sponsorships lets him continue producing high-quality content for his viewers.

Levy Rozman Lifestyle And Property

Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess lives a luxurious life with his earnings. He has a wealth of above $15 Million which he made as a successful chess player and social media personality.

As per the reports, the 28-year-old chess master has a luxurious house in Brooklyn, New York where the average home cost is 845K. No doubt, he is leading a quality life with his family.

Likewise, he often flaunts the fun moments and happy aspects of his life on his Instagram account. He loves to spend time with his wife, Lucy Rozman, and his pet dog. Also, the chess teacher often goes on outings and vacations with his family and friends.

Levy Rozman With His Wife, Lucy Rozman Smiling At The Camera
Levy Rozman With His Wife, Lucy Rozman

He actively attends various game shows, tournaments, and events. With huge earnings, Levy is able to fulfill all his dreams and is leading a comfortable life. Sadly, the details on his cars, real estate, and other valuables are yet to be out.

In addition, the chess master announced the Levy Rozman Scholarship Fund on 14 Oc 2021. He has been donating $100,000 to elementary school chess programs.

Levy Rozman’s Journey

Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Gothanchess was a brilliant child and always had a sharp mind. Due to his IQ and smartness at a young age, his parents enrolled him in chess. At the age of 5, he started chess for the first time.

Likewise, he adapted to it so quickly and played his first chess tournament when he was 7. At the young age of 12, the YouTuber earned a FIDE rating of 2000, however, the progress stalled for three years. After contemplating quitting chess, Levy reportedly returned to chess consistently at 15.

In 2011, the US citizen achieved the title of National Master by none other than the US Chess Federation. In the years between 2016 and 2019, he was actively involved in chess. Back in 2018, Rozman grabbed his peak US Chess rating of 2520 and a FIDE rating of 2420 as per various sources.

In July 2022, he announced his retirement due to some bad performances, however, this April (2024), the international master again announced his comeback. Let’s hope he plays great games and continues inspiring others.

Besides his chess tournaments, the multi-talented personality is a good content creator on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

Also, Gothamchess is a popular teacher of chess. He published the book named How to Win at Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Beyond on 24 October 2024. The book was placed fourth on The New York Times Best Sellers List.

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