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Millie Elder-Holmes: Boyfriend, Net Worth, Father and Tattoo

Millie Elder-Holmes was born on May 21, 1988, in New Zealand. She is the adopted daughter of Paul Holmes, a famous TV Journalist, and Hinemoa Elder. She is now 35 years old.

Millie is an entrepreneur, and businesswoman, who has invested in many companies. She is very successful in her business career. She has completed her education in New Zealand.

After the death of her father, Paul Holmes, and her long-time partner, Connor Morris got murdered, she then started living in Greece, the country where her biological father is living. But reportedly, she has returned from Greece in 2020 and is now living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Millie Elder-Holmes Boyfriend

Millie Elder-Holmes is dating the Australian heavyweight UFC fighter Tai Tuivasa. They were seen together in 2022 for the first time on the TikTok video of Millie Elder-Holmes. After that video, Tai Tuivasa is often seen on the TikTok videos of Millie.

Tai Tuivasa married his girlfriend Brierly Pedro, and together they have a seven-year-old son named King Carter. Most probably Tuivasa had divorced his wife in 2022. As they have not seen each other since then.

Millie has posted many videos with Tai Tuivasa on her TikTok and nowadays she is often posting many pictures with Tai Tuivasa on her Instagram account. On the other side, Fighter Tuivasa has also posted pictures with Millie Elder-Holmes on his Instagram account.

On August 17, Millie Elder-Holmes posted a TikTok video of Tai Tuivass singing at the concert in Sydney, and she captioned it, “Best date night ever.” It means they are actually dating each other.

Before Tai Tuivasa, Holmes had at least two relationships. One is with Connor Morris, who was murdered in a street fight. Then, after some time, she got her new boyfriend, whose name is still unknown. But that relationship could not last long as she faced domestic violence and she allegedly dumped her.

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Millie Elder-Holmes Net Worth

The net worth of Millie Elder-Holmes is expected to be $5 million. She has been working in the food and beverage industry for a long time. She is also a model, and fitness trainer, and was a television anchor before. 

Millie has been the director of Millie Elder Holmes Ltd. since 2015. She is also a shareholder of Jeuneora, which is a skincare products producing company. She has been investing in that company since 2018. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is also the founder of a company called Cleaneatznz since February 2014.

Her multiple sources of income, business skills, and planning and her extraordinary public speaking skills have helped her to be in the position where she is now.

Millie Elder-Holmes Social Media

Millie Elder-Holmes is a social media sensation known for her stunning photos, pictures, and recipes. She has more than 100k followers on her Instagram, and she has posted 800 plus posts to date. 

Holmes has posted different brand promotion posts, and also she posts about the recipes of different foods she cooks.

Apart from Instagram, Millie Elder-Holmes is also active on TikTok. She has 100k followers on her TikTok account. In her TikTok account, she has posted numerous videos with her boyfriend, Tai Tuivasa. She has posted recipes for different food items too.

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Millie Elder-Holmes Dad

Millie Elder-Holmes Dad

Millie Elder Holmes is the adopted daughter of her mother Hinemoa Elder and her late father, Paul Holmes, who was one of the greatest television journalists in New Zealand. Her biological father,  Kabanas, is from Greece. Paul Holmes died on February 1, 2013, due to cancer at the age of 62.

Millie Elder-Holmes had a very good relationship with her father. She said that her father always supported her, encouraged her, and taught her how to behave with the media.

Millie Elder’s father, Paul Holmes, was knighted for his services to broadcasting in New Zealand on January 15. However, he passed away just two weeks after receiving knighthood due to cancer. Millie Elder expressed her heartfelt feelings through the Instagram post on the 7th anniversary of her father’s knighthood.

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After 7 years of her father being gone, she posted a picture with her father and remembered her dad.

She expressed grief about losing her father, “If you lost a parent or a partner that you loved with your whole being, that feeling of loss will never go away, it may lay dormant, you may be able to organize it and keep pushing forward; Because you know really they would never leave you and they would want you to make the best of your life.”

Millie Elder-Holmes Tattoos

Millie Elder Holmes is a big tattoo lover. She has tattooed on her whole body including different art styles and people, faces of people. 

In her right thigh, she has tattooed the picture of her late father, Paul Holmes. She has also tattooed in the memory of her late boyfriend Connor who was allegedly killed in a street fight. 

Apart from the people who are very close to her, she has numerous other tattoos on her body showing different pictures and art.

Full NameMillie Elder-Holmes
Age35 years old
Country of OriginNew Zealand
Net Worth$5 million
Current BoyfriendTai Tuivasa
ProfessionModel, Fitness Trainer, Investor
Social MediaInstagram

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