My NEPSE Trading Journey

There are different strategies for investing in the stock market and equally varied types of investors/traders.

For me, the momentum swing trading strategy appealed the most.

In this NEPSE Trading Journey Series, I will document every detail of my entire trading journey in NEPSE, starting from my very first trade.

Season 1


  1. One: My First Ever Investment in NEPSE – Laxmi Unnati Kosh
  2. Two: How I profited almost 300% from two IPOs in exactly a month
  3. Three: I made a 15% profit in 15 days buying this stock in NEPSE
  4. Four: I rode the Hydropower trend late but I profited anyway (Luckily)
  5. Five: My first trading loss in NEPSE
  6. Six: NEPSE might go on correction: Why I emptied my portfolio by selling a profitable stock
  7. Seven: NEPSE broke an all-time high record; I booked a profit
  8. Eight: I suffered my Biggest Losses When NEPSE was rising and This is What I learned
  9. Nine: Another Big Loss and an Even Bigger Lesson
  10. Ten: 257% Profit in MEN and 650% Profit in PLI
  11. Eleven: 6% Loss in HGI and 9% Loss in CHL
  12. Twelve: 15% Profit in FMDBL and 15% Profit in MLBL
  13. Thirteen: Biggest IPO, Bigger Surprises: This Is Where I Sold NIFRA
  14. Fourteen: My First Stock Averaging in NEPSE: Readding on BFC Stock
  15. Fifteen: This Is Why I Bought RHPC
  16. Sixteen: IPO Profit: 8,240% Profit in Jyoti Life Insurance (JLI)
  17. Seventeen: 35% Profit in RHPC: A Result of Stock Averaging and Chart Analysis
  18. Eighteen: 35% Profit in BFC After Averaging but the Stock Is Still Rising
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