Top Stock Market News Portals to Follow in Nepal

1) Bizmandu

As suggested by its name, covers news related to business and the economy in Nepal. However, Bizmandu is not exclusively dedicated to the capital market. Its vast network of correspondents covers news related to the national economy, agriculture, money markets, precious metals, corporate news, and political events closely intertwined with the national economy.

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2) Notebazar

Notebazar is more focused on the capital markets compared to Bizmandu. The investors’ circle occasionally posts news published by this portal.

3) NepaliPaisa

NepaliPaisa is slowly gaining popularity among readers determined to make a fortune in the Nepalese stock exchange. NepaliPaisa took very little time to evolve from an immature website providing scrappy content to a matured voice with credibility. This can also be seen in its premium software, Smart Wealth, which rivals the products offered by matured sites like Merolagani and Sharesansar.

You can check the IPO result from NepaliPaisa from this link.

4) Merolagani

For readers comfortable to read the news in the Nepali language, Merolagani is the best platform we have in Nepal. Merolagani is exclusively focused on the stock market. Their platform is easy to browse and the news is published faster.

Like Sharesansar, Merolagani has a rich storage of data related to the companies listed in the exchange. For fundamental investors, value investors, and analysts, Merolagani and Sharesansar are the two best websites to spend time on.

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5) Sharesansar

All the books on investing and stock trading are written in English. The best Youtube videos on the matter are made by Youtubers from foreign countries. For students like me educated in English, Sharesansar does the job of translating all the Nepali notices and announcements to English. Honestly speaking, I have not had the need to visit the other websites mentioned above. This is because Sharesansar is fairly sufficient in itself. I also use its premium software to keep track of my investment and for advanced charts and drawings.

Nonetheless, to ensure that you do not get biased opinions and that news reaches you as fast as it possibly can, it is better to keep track of a handful of other websites mentioned above.

You can check the IPO result from Sharesansar from this link.

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