These are the articles that do not fit into my main categories. You will enjoy them equally, if not more.

Season 1

  1. One: Can a Nepali invest in the Indian stock market? All you need to know
  2. Two: These 3 things guarantee you will never be poor in life
  3. Three: 6 people to follow on TikTok if you love money and business
  4. Four: 5 things I learned from using TikTok since last month
  5. Five: How to create a website in Nepal – The ultimate guide
  6. Six: Head of my job at 17, I learned this about leadership and business
  7. Seven: List of Demat service providers (DP) in Nepal
  8. Eight: Stockbrokers in Nepal contact details
  9. Nine: How to trade in the zone
  10. Ten: IPO in NEPSE – profit in a week, a month, a year: A look back at 10 years of data
  11. Eleven: Should I Invest in Mutual Funds of Nepal? Are they safe and profitable?
  12. Twelve: List of Demat Companies in Nepal; Where to make My Demat Account?
  13. Thirteen: How Long Does it Take for Bonus Shares to be Listed in NEPSE?
  14. Fourteen: Upcoming IPO issues in Nepal Stock Exchange (With Guides to Apply)
  15. Fifteen: Everything You Need to Know About Broker Commission and Fees in NEPSE
  16. Sixteen: Bulls and Bears in the Stock Market; What Does It Mean?
  17. Seventeen: Top Stock Market News Portals to Follow in Nepal
  18. Eighteen: How is the IPO Opening Range Determined in NEPSE for the First Transaction?
  19. Nineteen: The Dividend Process in NEPSE Explained From Start to Finish
  20. Twenty: 17 Best Jesse Livermore Quotes on Stock Market and Being Rich

Season 2

  1. One: The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned in my Stock Trading Journey in NEPSE
  2. Two: My Three Major Short-term Goals
  3. Three: 4 Biggest Disappointments for Beginners in Nepali Share Market (NEPSE)
  4. Four: Read This if You Haven’t Watched Shark Tank Yet
  5. Five: How Long Does it Take for IPO Shares to Be Listed in NEPSE?
  6. Six: Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in Nepal 2020/ 2021
  7. Seven: Can I Invest in Foreign Stock Markets from Nepal?
  8. Eight: 5 Things People Misunderstand About the Stock Market: A Personal Rant
  9. Nine: Last 10 Questions I Got from Amateur Investors on My Instagram Page
  10. Ten: Letter to Self: Things You Misunderstand About Entrepreneurship
  11. Eleven: The Most Badass Stock Market Quotes by Peter Lynch
  12. Twelve: 3 Business Insights From the Plastic Wrapper of “Hide and Seek” Biscuits
  13. Thirteen: The Most Brutal Quotes on Success and Motivation You’ll Ever Hear
  14. Fourteen: Cold Hard Truth on Business, Money, and Life
  15. Fifteen: Decentraland’s Metaverse is Boring, Functionally Empty, and Gives You Motion Sickness

Season 3

  1. One: He is a Billionaire. He Breeds Pigs. He is Qin Yinglin.
  2. Two: 19 Life Lessons From a 19-Year-Old
  3. Three: Cold Hard Truth on Business, Money, and Life
  4. Four: The Most Brutal Quotes on Success and Motivation You’ll Ever Hear
  5. Five: Binod Chaudhary’s Father: Mindset Creates Generational Wealth