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Rafael Fiziev Net Worth 2023, Girlfriend, Record, Next fight

Rafael Fiziev, also known by the name of “Ataman”, is a Kazakhstan-born UFC fighter who represents Azerbaijan in the UFC. Currently, he is in the 6th position of the UFC lightweight rankings.

On April 29, 2016, he debuted as a Muay Thai fighter, and he did well in his Muay Thai career. On July 18, 2015, he started his career as a MMA fighter. His debut fight was against Sam Bustin, and he won that fight in the first round by a knockout with a flying knee. 

After that, he kept on giving a good performance. On April 20, 2019, he debuted in UFC against  Magomed Mustafaev. In that fight, he lost in the first round by a technical knockout.

Rafael Fiziev Age

Rafael Fisaev was born on March 5, 1993, in Korday, Kazakhstan. At that time, it was part of the USSR. Currently, he is 30 years old.

Rafael Fiziev Weight

Rafael Fiziev weighs 155 pounds which is equal to 70 kg. He fights in the lightweight division of UFC.

Rafael Fiziev Height

Fiziev is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is equal to 1.73 meters.

Rafael Fiziev Net Worth 2023

The net worth of Rafael Fiziev is expected to be $1.5 million. Previously, Rafael Fiziev’s salary in the UFC was between $10K to $80K. However, after his fight with Rafael dos Anjos, his pay-for-fight gradually increased up to $200K per fight. He also gets a winning bonus, sponsorship fees, and PPV shares.

He earned his career’s highest amount on July 9, 2022, when he fought against Rafael dos Anjos. In that fight, his base salary was between $150k to $210k. He also got $100k as a winning bonus and $50k as a performance bonus that night.

Rafael Fiziev has got a good fan following on his social media accounts. He is often seen promoting the brand through Instagram and Twitter. He would easily charge up to $25k for each brand collaboration on his social media accounts. On his Instagram, he has promoted brands such as Sea Breeze Baku, a real estate company, Mazuri GameFi, an online game-making company, etc.

Net Worth$1.5 million
ONE salary per fightUpto $200k
EndorsementsSea Breeze Baku, Mazuri GameFi

Rafael Fiziev Girlfriend

According to internet sources, Rafael Fiziev is a single man and he is not married or dating anybody. But that might not be the truth. The whole scenario might be different than we see. As most of the Islam-following mixed martial artists have not disclosed their relationships publicly, Rafael Fiziev has also chosen not to disclose his relationships with the public. However, we have found some hidden truths on his social media accounts.

Rafael Fiziev Children

If we go through the Instagram posts of Rafael, we can see that he often posts pictures of two children. They are indeed his children, as he has mentioned in many of the post captions. However, their name is not disclosed by Rafael.

We can confirm that Rafael Fiziev is married or engaged. Moreover, when we passed through all of his Instagram posts, we saw a picture that was posted in 2015 by Rafael, where we can see that he was seen with a pregnant lady. In the comment section of that post, he mentioned that he will marry her soon. We don’t know if he married her later or not. So, at least it is confirmed that he is in a relationship and he has kids.

Even if we don’t know the name of his wife and children, we can assume that he is a married guy.

What kind of Fighter is Rafael Fiziev?

Rafael Fiziev is well known for his striking abilities in Muay Thai style. He is also good at grappling and submission techniques.

Rafael Fiziev Record

Rafael Fiziev started his career as an MMA fighter on July 18, 2015, when he first fought against Sam Bastin. In that match, he won by knocking out Bastin with Flying Knee. Later on, he kept on winning several fights in MMA in different leagues. He used to finish the fight in the first or second rounds and maintained a good track record in MMA fights.

Due to his undefeated MMA career and good track record, UFC showed interest in signing him. Rafael Fiziev debuted as a UFC fighter on April 20, 2019, against Magomed Mustafaev. Unfortunately, he lost that fight in the first round by a technical knockout. However, after that loss, he kept on winning and he maintained a winning streak of 5 fights in the UFC.

Rafael Fiziev’s last fight was against Justin Gaethje in a UFC 286 event that was held on March 18, 2023. Rafael lost that fight by decision. 

In his whole MMA career, he has maintained the win-to-lose record of (12-2-0). Out of his 12 wins, 67% of wins came from knockouts (8 wins), 25% of wins came from decision (3 wins), and only 8% of wins came from submission (1 win). Out of his 2 losses,  1 came from a knockout and the other came from a decision.

Who did Rafael Fiziev lose to?

In the whole MMA career of Rafael Fiziev, he has lost only 2 fights to date. 

His first loss came on April 20, 2019, against Magomed Mustafaev. That was also his UFC debut fight. He lost that fight by a technical knockout. 

His other loss came on March 18, 2023, when he fought against Justin Gaethje. After three rounds, he lost that fight by a majority decision.

Rafael Fiziev Next Fight

Rafael Fiziev Next Fight

Rafael Fiziev’s next fight is scheduled against 32-year-old Polish UFC fighter Mateusz Gamrot. They will fight on September 24, 2023, at the main event of UFC Fight Night at Apex Arena. Currently, Mateusz Gamrot is in the 7th position of the UFC lightweight ranking.

In the MMA career of Mateusz Gamrot, he has maintained the win-to-lose record of (22-2-0). His only 2 losses came from a unanimous decision. Gamrot’s last loss came on October 22, 2022, when he fought against Baniel Dariush, where he lost the fight by unanimous decision. 

Both the fighters have lost only 2 matches in UFC, however, Mateusz Gamrot has more experience than Rafael Fiziev in terms of the number of fights. So, what will be the strategies of Rafael Fiziev to fight against Gamrot? September 24 will tell us.

Rafael Fiziev Social Media

Rafael Fiziev is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 520k followers on Instagram, and more than 65k followers on Twitter. To date, he has posted more than 800 posts, and he is following 800 people on Instagram. 

Most of his posts and tweets are related to his fights and training. However, sometimes he posts pictures of himself on vacations, and occasionally he posts pictures with his children, whose names are not disclosed by him yet. Along with his posts related to fights, he is also seen posting different brand promotions and collaborations on his social media.

NameRafael Fiziev
Age30 Years Old
Weight155 pounds(70 kilograms)
Height5 ft 8 inches(1.73 meters)
Country of OriginKazakhstan
Fighting StyleMuay Thai
WifeYes (assumed)
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

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