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Raul Rosas Jr: Girlfriend, Net Worth 2023, Face, UFC

Raul Rosas Jr. is a Mexican-American mixed martial artist. He was born in Clovis, Mexico on October 8, 2004. He started his career as a UFC fighter at the age of 18 when his first fight was fought against Jay Perrin on December 10, 2022.

Raul Rosas Jr. started his career as an amateur MMA fighter on January 25, 2020. He fought 2 fights as an amateur MMA fighter and won both of them. After that, he started his career as a professional MMA fighter in 2021.

Raul Rosas Jr. Age

Raul Rosa Jr. was born in Clovis, Mexico on October 8, 2004. Currently, he is 18 years old.

Raul Rosas Jr. Height

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which equals 1.75 meters. 

Raul Rosas Jr. Weight

Raul Rosas Jr. weighs 135 pounds. He fights in a phantom weight division.

Raul Rosas Jr. Face

Raul Rosas Jr. Face

Raul Rosas Jr. has faced online trolling and bullying due to his appearance. This is not an ethical thing to do, to mock people because of their physical appearance. Many people also genuinely want to know the reason for his face being different. They are curious to know if it is because of a certain disease or it is because of an accident.

Raul Rosas Jr. is affected by a rare genetic disorder called Pallister W syndrome. Due to this syndrome, the area of his nose, lips, and chin is a little bit stressed or seems uncommon.

Pallister W syndrome is caused when the cells of the DNA contain some extra genetic materials. This could lead to changes in physical appearance and also affect the intellectual and development activities of the body.

Raul Rosas Jr. Record

Raul Rosas Jr. started his career as an MMA fighter on November 26, 2021, when he fought against Eduardo Valazquez. He won that fight in the first round with a submission by a rear naked choke. 

Rosas Jr. has played a total of 8 fights throughout his MMA career and won 7 out of them. Rosas recorded his only loss in his latest match, which was fought on April 8, 2023, against Christian Rodriguez, where he lost by unanimous decision in round 3. Before that, he had a winning streak of 7 fights and Christian Rodriguez broke his winning streak. Out of his 7 wins, 71% of the wins came from submission, i.e., 5 wins, and 14-14% of wins came from knockout and decisions, i.e. 1-1 wins via KO and decisions.

Raul Rosas Jr UFC

Raul Rosas Jr. started his career as a UFC fighter at the age of 18. He fought his first UFC fight against Jay Perrin on December 10, 2022. In that match, he won in round 1 by submission. After that, he fought against Christian Rodriguez. In that fight, he lost by unanimous decision. Now his UFC fight is scheduled against Terrence Mitchell on September 17.

Considering his age, he started his career in UFC at a very young age, he has yet to fight many upcoming fights in the future. In the upcoming days, he will rise as a great UFC fighter.

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Raul Rosas Jr. Loss

Raul Rosas Jr. Vs Christian Rodriguez

Raul Rosas Jr. has only lost one match in his MMA career. He lost his fight against Christian Rodriguez on April 8, 2023, at UFC 287 event. In that match, he lost the fight in the third round by unanimous decision. Before that, he had a winning streak of 6 fights.

He played really well in that match, but unfortunately he lost the fight. He’s just 18 years old and at the age of 18, winning 7 out of 8 matches is a great deal. He has gained a lot of experience from that fight and this experience will help him to win in the upcoming fights.

Raul Rosas Jr. Next Fight

Raul Rosas Jr. Next Fight

Raul Rosas Jr. is scheduled to fight against 33-year-old Terrence Mitchell in UFC Night 227 on September 16, 2023. They will fight at T-Mobile Arena in Nevada, United States. 33-year-old Terrence Mitchell, nicknamed Terr-Bear has more experience than Rosas Jr. 

Terrence Mitchell has played a total of 17 MMA fights throughout his career and maintained a win-to-lose ratio of (14-3-0). Out of 14 wins, he has won 8 fights by knockout, 6 by submission. He had a winning streak of 11 fights. His winning streak was broken by Camrion Saaiman on July 8, 2023, when Camrion Saaiman won against Terrence Mitchell in a first round by submission. 

Raul Rosas Jr. also lost his last fight and had won many fights before that loss. Likewise, Terrence Mitchell lost his last fight but he had remained undefeated for a long time. It will be an interesting match to see whether Rosas Jr. will win against the experienced side of Terrence Mitchell.

Raul Rosas Jr. Girlfriend

Raul Rosas Jr. Girlfriend

Raul Rosas Jr. is currently dating her girlfriend Carmen Perez. According to reports, they started dating in 2022. There is not much personal information available about his girlfriend on the internet. 

Carmen Perez has more than 1,700 followers on her Instagram and 1,300 followers on her TikTok. She regularly uploads videos and pictures with her boyfriend, Rosas. The couple are seen uploading funny videos on Chach’s TikTok account. It seems as if they are happy couples, through their videos and pictures.

Raul Rosas Jr. Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Raul Rosa Sr. is between $300k to $500k. Reportedly, he is taking $30,000 to $55,000 for the fights in UFC. However, before UFC, his salary was not that much.

Raul Rosas Jr. has focused on his fighting and developing his fighting skills and training, rather than earning money through brand endorsement and other things. He has just begun his career as a UFC fighter. He is just 18 years old and fought many MMA fights, but reportedly he did not get a good salary as an MMA fighter. 

Raul Rosas Jr. has also got more than 350k followers on his Instagram where he might charge $20,000 to $30,000 for a single brand collaboration. He has collaborated with Stake, a betting platform.

Raul Rosas Jr. Instagram

Raul Rosas Jr. is not very active on social media platforms. However, he keeps sharing his life outside the octagon ring through his Instagram account. 

On his Instagram account, he has more than 350k followers. To date, he has posted 88 posts and he is following more than 650 people on Instagram. He is regularly seen uploading pictures with his friends and his pictures in the gym.
Age18 Years Old
Weight135 pounds
Height5 ft 9 inches(1.75 meters)
Skin ToneFair White
Hair ColorBlack
Country of OriginMexico
Girlfriend Carmen Perez
Net Worth$300k – $500k
Fighting StyleStriking
Social MediaInstagram

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