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This is a list of books related to the stock market that I have read so far. I am constantly learning, meaning this list is a work in progress and will be regularly updated.

1) Think, Trade and Grow Rich by Benjamin Kahriman

This books is a gem to learn about candlestick patterns. The initial portion of the book also has detailed explanation for people who do not know which strategy to learn. If combined with technical analysis, candlesticks will give you a working strategy.

2) Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by John Magee and Robert D. Edwards

This is the holy bible for people wanting to learn technical analysis. Use it like a dictionary – everything can’t be learned at once but it can be learned eventually.

3) Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

Psychology has a bigger hand in your trading success than your strategy itself. Learn to control your nerves. Do not be guided by greed or fear. Just read this book.

4) One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch

Behind every stock is a company that does something. The general public consume the product of these companies. Thus, the general public know better about the companies from the consumer side than the stock analysts. This book is all about that – how to analyze stocks from the perspective of a common man. Although the book provides interesting insights, its principles may not be applicable in NEPSE. This is because NEPSE is dominated by banks and financial institutions, the business operations of which are alienated from public eyes.

Click here to access all the articles of the NEPSE Investing Guide Series.

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