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Sean Strickland Record, Girlfriend, Next Fight and Net Worth

Sean Thomas Strickland, also known as “Tarzan” is an American Mixed Martial Artist who fights in the middleweight division of UFC. Currently, he is in the 5th rank of UFC middleweight championship.

Born in America’s Carolina, Sean’s childhood was not like normal kids. He had abusive parents and many times, he was thrown out of his school. Normal teenagers could have been depressed and might have taken dangerous steps in their lives. But Sean had a fighting spirit since his childhood. He took his anger as a motivation and started MMA training at the age of 14.

With his hard work and tough training of over 3 years, Sean started his profession as an MMA fighter at the early age of 17. Sean Strickland started his career as an MMA fighter on March 22, 2008, when he won against Tyler Pottett with submission in the second round. He started his career with a massive winning streak of 15 matches in King of The Cage (KOTC). Later on, he lost his streak by losing a fight against Santiago Ponzinibbio by unanimous decision.

Sean Strickland Age

Sean Strickland was born on February 27, 1991, in South Carolina, USA. He is 32 years old.

Sean Strickland Height

Sean Strickland is 6 feet and 1 inch tall which equals 1.85 meters.

Sean’s height is above average than other MMA fighters of his range. His height has provided him benefits of striking and kicking and also it has played a crucial role in his longer limbs which help him in submission and controlling his opponent’s action in a fight.

Sean Strickland Weight

Sean Strickland’s weight is 185 pounds, which is equal to 84 kilograms. He fights in a middleweight division of UFC.

Sean Strickland Record

Sean Strickland has an amazing winning rate of 84% in UFC. To date, he has maintained the win-to-lose ratio of (27-5-0), with zero draws. His impressive fighting records and stats have put him into the 5th rank of the middleweight division.

Out of his 27 wins, 11 times, he has finished his opponents with KO and 4 times with submission. 40% of his wins came from direct KO. The average round per fight of Sean is found to be 2.5, which shows how quick he is to smash his opponents.

Sean Strickland vs Magomedov–4GZTzfhA3uR

The fight between Strickland and Abus Magoedov took place on July 1, 2023, in Las Vegas at UFC Apex. The match was expected to be tough competition for both of the fighters. The match went up to two rounds and the thrilling match ended in a knockout victory for Strickland in the second round.

Magomedov had played 29 MMA matches. Out of them, he had won 25 and lost only 4 matches. Abus Magomedov was maintaining his 3-win streak and looking forward to making his 4th streak by defeating Sean Strickland in that match.

In the first round, his opponent Abus was doing really good attacks using his hands and legs. Sean was more defensive on the round, rather than attacking, he chose to just defend the opponent.

But in the second round, there was a different scenario. Sean started off with a bag of punches and Abus was just defending his punches. Throughout the match, Abus hardly punched to the Sean. Eventually, after four minutes, Sean knocked out Abus and won the match.

His strategic adjustment in the second round made him more aggressive and striking, and that led him to victory.

Sean Strickland Last Fight: Sean Strickland Vs Israel Adesanya

Sean Strickland Vs Israel Adesanya

The UFC event was scheduled on September 10, where Sean Strickland and Israel Adesanya fought in the middleweight division of UFC for UFC Middleweight World Champion Title. The fight was held at the UFC Apex Arena, where the audience was more than 20,000.

As the match started, Sean Strickland was playing a really good fight. Israel Adesanya was seen as less competent throughout the fight. Sean punched and landed some brilliant punches on Israel. 

In the first round, Sean Strickland was really dominating. As the round went on, Sean Strickland kept on playing a good fight while Israel Adesanya was seen as more defensive and less comfortable while fighting against Sean. 

After the ending of 5 rounds, Sean Strickland was declared the winner by a unanimous decision. And now, Sean Strickland has become the new UFC Middleweight World Champion.

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Sean Strickland Girlfriend

In his recent interview with Halen Yee, posted on 24 August on their official YouTube Channel, he revealed that he actually has a girlfriend and he loves her very much. He did not disclose her name. However, it is now confirmed that he has a girlfriend. He also said that her girlfriend has made him a better guy, and he is thankful to her for being with him.

However, he had posted a picture on his Instagram handle a long time ago where he is seen in a boat with an unidentified girl. Many people rumored that the girl sitting on the boat was his girlfriend. But there is no strong proof that the girl is his girlfriend. There are only rumors circulating about that girl being his girlfriend. I don’t think the girl on the boat and the girlfriend that he’s talking about in the interview are the same. Most probably, they were just chilling on the boat and they clicked the picture for no specific reason. Social media often leads to speculation, who knows?
Sean Strickland With Unidentified Girl on Boat

Sean Strickland Net Worth

Reportedly, Sean Strickland has a net worth of $1 million. Sean Strickland has a base salary of $200,000 and includes $100,000 as a win bonus in UFC. In his last fight against Israel Adesanya on UFC 293 held on September 10, Sen Strickland grabbed the $50,000 as a performance bonus.

He also generates income through brand promotions and collaborations on his social media handles. Reportedly, Sean charges more than $20,000 for each brand sponsor. 

Sean Strickland Twitter

Sean Stickland is very active on his social media handles, especially on Twitter. He has more than 100k followers on Twitter. Where he shares the most humorous stuff apart from UFC. Also, he has got 1 lakh plus followers on his Instagram account.

His way of interacting with his fans is adored by many people while also criticized by many. His tweets show that he does not give a shit about anybody. This guy posts whatever he wants to. 

Sean has a habit of mocking the trending things, whether it is on COVID news or his sexist comments. Sometimes he posts racist comments and mocks on LGBTQ community. He has also come into the limelight for calling Americans “stupid” for supporting Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Age32 Years Old
Weight185 pounds(84 kilograms)
Height6 ft 1inches(1.85 meters)
Skin ToneFair White
Hair ColorBlack
Country of OriginUSA
Net Worth$1 Million
Source of WealthUFC Contract, Sponsorships
UFC RecordWin-Lose-Draw(27-5-0)
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

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