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Tai Tuivasa Wife, Girlfriend, Record, Next Fight, and Net Worth

Tai Tuivasa, also known by the name of Bam Bam is a heavyweight UFC fighter who was born on March 16, 1993, in Sydney, Australia. Currently, he is in the 6th rank in UFC heavyweight ranking.

Tai Tuivasa is the type of person who doesn’t fight for the rankings or the title. He loves fighting. He will come into the ring, fight with energy, and don’t care about the results. Tuivasa takes his money and returns home with peace. He is also seen drinking alcohol from the stranger’s shoes after winning the match. Strange right, but that really makes him a fun guy.

Tai Tuivasa started his career as a UFC fighter in 2017, where his debut match was against Rashad  Coulter on November 18, 2017. He won that match with KO.

Tai Tuivasa Age

Born on  March 16, 1993 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Tai Tuivasa is now 30 years old.

Tai Tuivasa Height 

Tuivasa is 6 feet 2 inches tall, which is equal to 1.88 meters.

Tai Tuivasa Weight

The weight of Tai Tuivasa is 265 pounds(120 kilograms). He plays in the heavyweight UFC division.

Tai Tuivasa Record 

Tai Tuivasa made his professional UFC debut on November 18, 2017, when he fought against Rashad Coulter, and he won that match with a knockout. 

To the date, he has played a total of 20 matches in UFC. Out of them he has won 15 matches and lost only 5 games and done 0 draws. He has maintained the record of win-loss-draw of (15-5-0). He has a massive knockout rate of 93%, winning 14 out of 15 matches with direct knockouts. Tuivasa can also be called the KO king of the UFC.

His recent loss was recorded against Sergei Pavlovich on December 3, 2022, when he was knocked out with punches in the first round of the match. Currently, he has a losing streak of 2 matches and is working hard to win his upcoming match against Alexander Volkov.

Tai Tuivasa Next Fight

Tai Tuivasa’s next match is scheduled against Russian fighter, Alexander Volkov on September 9, 2023. The match is going to be played in the venue of his home country Australia, at Qudos Bank Arena.

Tai Tuivasa is looking forward to winning this match against Alexander as he has seen back-to-back losses in his recent matches against Ciryl Gane and Sergie Pavolovich.

Alexander Volvok is well known for his heavy punches on his opponent’s face. He has a winning record of 36 matches against 46 played. Currently, Volvok has a winning streak of 2 matches. 

Tai Tuivasa has done 13 knockouts in his 14 wins, and the other side, Alexander Volvok has done 24 knockouts in his 36 wins. It is going to be an exciting match to see who is going to knock out the other player on the match day. It won’t be an easy fight for both of the fighters.

Tai Tuivasa Wife

Tai Tuivasa married his long-time girlfriend Brierley Pedro. She is the sister of MMA fighter Tyson Pedro. Together they have a 7-year-old son named King Carter who was born on November 16, 2016. Carter is active on his Instagram with more than 3.5k followers, where he posts his fun stuff.

Tai Tuivasa Wife

Here in the picture, a happy family can be seen. This picture was posted by his wife on her Facebook account. 

The couple had a really good relationship for a long time but they have not been together since 2022. King Carter stays with his mama, he has also deleted all the photos of his father Tuivasa from his Instagram account. However Tuivasa loves his son, and he keeps posting posts for his son on his Instagram.

Tai Tuivasa Girlfriend

Nowadays, Tai Tuivasa is dating social media star Millie Elder-Holmes. They were seen together in 2022 when Millie posted a video with Tuivasa on her TikTok account. Since then, Tuivasa is regularly seen on the TikTok videos of his girlfriend. Millie Elder is a dog lover. She has two dogs named Meadow and Maul. She also posts the recipe videos on her TikTok account.

Millie has posted many photos with the Tuivasa on her Instagram account too. Last time, Millie Holmes posted a photo with Tuivasa when they visited Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Tai has also posted photos with his girlfriend on his Instagram account. So, it is true that they are dating each other.

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Tai Tuivasa Tattoo

Tai Tuivasa tattoo

Tai Tuivasa has covered his body with different complex Samoan tattoos. Samoan tattoo is allowed only to people who come from Samoan culture, Tuivasa is also Samoan.

He has tattoos on his stomach, navel, thighs, and lower back. His tattoos represent his Samoan culture, freedom, and independence. 

Recently he has had a tattoo on his inner lips, showing ‘FTA’ in a dark black color. The FTA stands for “From The Area” which represents Sydney,  where he comes from.

Tai Tuivasa Net Worth

Tai Tuivasa has a net worth of more than $2 million. His UFC fee per match is $80,000 to $1,50,000. He also gets paid double if he wins the fight and also gets the performance bonus from UFC. His yearly income was reported to be $600,000 from UFC alone in 2022.

His earning source is not only limited to UFC, he’s also affiliated with numerous brands like PRIME- a cold drink brand by KSI and Logan Paul, Drink West- a brewer brand and other numerous brands like Reebok, Venom, Dominos, and FTA Apparel. He also sells merchandise through his website, Bam Bam Tuivasa.

Bam Tuivasa is also the brand ambassador of the upcoming brand called Bam Bam Budz, a premium merchandise brand.

Tai Tuivasa Social Media

Tai Tuivasa has more than 800k followers on his Instagram and 100k followers on Twitter. He is actively seen collaborating and promoting the different brands through social media accounts.

He has posted more than 200 posts on Instagram, including his fights, banners, and advertising posts. Tuivasa has also posted a couple of pictures with his new girlfriend, Millie, and son, Carter. He also promotes different brands like Drink West, and Prime through his social media accounts.

Age32 Years Old
Weight185 pounds(84 kilograms)
Height6 ft 2 inches(1.88 meters)
Skin ToneFair White
Hair ColorBlack
Country of OriginAustralia
WifeBrierly Pedro(Not Together Now)
Girlfriend Millie Elder-Holmes
Net Worth$2 Million
PromotesDrink West, Prime, Reebok, Venom
UFC RecordWin-Lose-Draw(15-5-0)
Fighting StyleStriking
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

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