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Tamara Dawn Net Worth, Before and After, Workout-Routine

Tamara Dawn is a 24-year-old lady from Canada who has become popular on social media for her fitness and health videos. She’s known for showing her exercises and giving tips about working out, focusing on areas like legs, back, and arms.

Many people follow her for her easy-to-understand and fun videos. Besides making videos, Tamara also works as an online coach, helping people with their health and fitness goals. Her friendly and clear way of teaching makes her a favorite among those looking to stay fit and healthy.

Tamara’s blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and approachability has made her a go-to source for fitness advice and motivation.

Tamara Dawn Age, Height, Ethnicity

Tamara Dawn was born on 6th August 1999 in Canada and she is 24 years old now.

Her height is approx 5 ‘6 feet (167cm) and weighs around 69 kg (152 pounds). She belongs to the White ethnic group being a Canadian.

Tamara Dawn has maintained a perfect body structure which is also a dream body of many ladies. She follows various diet plans and does regular gym activities which leads her to look young and energetic.

Tamara Dawn Social Media

Tamara Dawn is mostly active on her Instagram profile with the username tamaraadawn where she has a following of 269k people. She regularly posts updates about her gym workouts and physical training sessions.

Her posts, often featuring inspiring photos, motivate young people to work towards maintaining a fit and healthy body. Her fans are consistently impressed by her fit physique and dedication to fitness. 

Most of her pictures show her in the gym, engaged in her daily exercise routine. Her followers often interact with her posts, leaving positive and supportive comments.

Fans comments include:

“May I ask what size you are in leggings?”

“In Bulk we trust”


“Please what are you eating on a day and which supplements do you use”

Tamara Dawn is also active on TikTok where she regularly shares her fitness, coaching, and training videos. Her videos show her daily lifestyle how she trains and prepares herself, what she takes in her diet, and the activities she does in the gym.

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Does Tamara Dawn Use Creatine?

Yes, Tamara Dawn uses creatine to prepare her body for the workout session. She has also partnered with the creatine brand Onesol and actively promotes it through her Instagram profile.

Creatine helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise.

Why do Bodybuilders use Creatine?

Creatine is like a boost for your muscles, giving them extra energy when you’re doing tough exercises or lifting heavy weights. It’s popular among athletes to help them get stronger and perform better. But it’s not just for them – older folks and vegetarians might find it helpful too!

Creatine is a top supplement for improving performance in the gym. Some research also shows that Creatine lowers blood sugar and improves brain functioning.


There are many benefits of using creatine but we must not forget the potential side effects of creatine. 

Creatine can harm human health in many possible ways. Some common side effects are dehydration, stomach pain, muscle cramps, liver dysfunction, dizziness, and many more. If not taken in proper dosage then creatine can be harmful to human health. 

Tamara Dawn Workout Routine

Tamara Dawn, known for her dedication to fitness, follows a well-structured workout routine that focuses on strengthening her legs, quads, and glutes. Her typical gym session starts with a dynamic set of deadlifts, performing 4 sets of 6-8 reps. 

This not only builds strength but also tones her lower body. She then transitions to hip thrusts, mirroring the same intensity with 4 sets of 6-8 reps, which are excellent for glute development.

Tamara Dawn Workout

To maintain a balanced physique, she includes upper body exercises like lat pull-downs for 3 sets of 8-10 reps and wide grip seated rows for 3 sets of 10-12 reps. These exercises help in developing her back muscles, ensuring harmonious body symmetry.

Tamara concludes her routine with hyperextensions, pushing herself to failure over 3 sets, which is great for lower back strength and endurance.

Before starting her workout, she fuels up with OneSol Strawberry Kiwi Pre Workout for that extra energy boost. Comfort and style are also key parts of her gym routine, often seen wearing a Civil Regime hoodie and tee, combining functionality with fashion. This comprehensive routine showcases Tamara’s commitment to fitness and her holistic approach to working out.

Tamara Dawn’s Transformation Journey: Before and After


Tamara Dawn has made amazing progress, especially with her legs and glutes. She focuses a lot on leg exercises in her workouts, which has helped her see big improvements.

Her dedication to these specific exercises is the reason why her legs and glutes have become so much stronger and well-shaped. This transformation is a great example of how focusing on certain exercises can lead to noticeable changes in those areas.

Tamara’s journey is inspiring, showing that with consistent effort and a targeted approach, you can make great strides in your fitness goals.

Tamara Dawn’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tamara Dawn is $600K-$800K. The main source of income for Tamara Dawn is Fitness Coaching, brand partnerships, Social media, and others.

She has partnered with brands like OneSol, Kinsulting, SHE DARC SPORT, DARC SPORT, Gymshark, Civilregime, Inakapower, etc.

She is the official sponsor of the supplement brand OneSol and hence promotes their products more often. You can get a discount on OneSol products by using her code – ”TAMZ”.

Tamara Dawn Competing Against Other Influencers

Being an athlete, Tamara Dawn is also seen competing with others. We can see her competing on various challenges against others. Challenges include reps, pullouts, and many more.

In a recent YouTube video posted a few months ago, she competed with 3 other women for $1000 for doing most reps without taking a break. Tamara manages to complete 66 reps and wins the challenge.

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