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TheWizardLiz Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Controversy

TheWizardLiz is a popular Belgium-based social media personality. She creates content on topics such as self-development, lifestyle, mental health, fitness, and beauty.

Similarly, she is one of the rising personalities on all major social media platforms. She has over 5 million followers on both TikTok and YouTube, where she posts videos of her advice, vlogs, and challenges.

Thewizardliz height, Real Name, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

The Wizardliz’s real name is Lize Dzjabrailova, and she was born on January 1, 1999, in Antwerp, Belgium. Talking about her current age, as of 2024, she is 25 years old.

The social media personality claims to be 5 feet 5 inches tall. Additionally, the Zodiac sign of Liz is Capricorn.

Thewizardliz Nationality, Ethnicity

Thewizardliz’s nationality and ethnicity are not clearly defined, as she has a mixed background and a global lifestyle. According to some sources, she was born in Antwerp, Belgium, but she holds American citizenship. She currently lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she enjoys the luxury and diversity of the city.

Thewizardliz’s ethnicity is also a blend of different cultures and origins. She has a Caucasian appearance, but she follows Islam as her religion.

Thewizardliz Sister, Mom

Thewizardliz maintains privacy regarding her parents’ identities and backgrounds. However, she has mentioned that she has a sister.

On her Instagram, she’s mentioned her mom’s involvement in choosing her outfits, humorously noting in one post where she wore a black getup, “Mom pickup, I look hot.” Another post features her carrying a red bag with a caption jokingly referencing her sister’s comment, “My sister said I look like I gave birth to the bag and now I can’t unsee it.”

Thewizardliz Mom

Thewizardliz’s Instagram unveils her cherished white cat, King Snowie. The cat is beloved among her fans. Described as a “son” by Thewizardliz, King Snowie captivates followers with his beauty.

The account also features adorable snapshots of her cute dog. Together, they add warmth and charm to her engaging content.

Is Thewizardliz Muslim?

Yes, the social media influencer Wizard adheres to the Islamic faith. She hails from a Muslim family and actively practices Islam.

Thewizardliz Net Worth

The estimated net worth of The Wizard Liz is $500,000, matching the net worth of Jmg8tor. Her other sources of income are sponsorships and collaboration with various brands and companies. She promotes their products on her social media accounts.

In her TikTok, she has attached the link to the Beloome website. This website provides men’s and women’s accessories, clothes, and sunglasses, and ships worldwide.

She also earns from the advertisements that are displayed on her YouTube channel and TikTok clips. As of 2024, she has a YouTube channel with over 5.63 million subscribers.

Thewizardliz Controversy

Not all influencers online are loved for their dark humor, after all, not everyone is Greipur Hjaltason or his adorable toddler son.

Thewizardliz, a social media influencer has faced some controversy for her opinions and advice on topics such as manifestation, self-love, and relationships.

In 2021 she faced some controversy on TikTok for her interaction with a photographer who worked for a clothing brand. The incident happened when she was hired by the brand to model their clothes, and the photographer told her to stop eating for two weeks to look skinnier for the next shoot.

Wizard’s friend secretly recorded the conversation and she confronted the photographer for his insensitive and harmful comment, which could trigger eating disorders and body image issues.

She added, “You are very lucky that I am secure in my body and that I love myself but if there was another model who was standing here and was insecure about her body, that one comment that you made would literally make her go insane.”

Thewizardliz Controversy

After the incident, the clothing brand issued an apology to her and fired the photographer for his unprofessional and unacceptable behavior. Liz accepted the apology and said that she forgave the photographer, but that she did not want to do any more modeling jobs.

Thewizardliz posted the video on her TikTok account, where it went viral and received over 20 million views.

The video sparked a lot of reactions from the viewers, who praised Liz for standing up for herself and calling out the photographer. Many people also expressed their support and admiration for her confidence and empowerment.

However, some people also criticized her for being arrogant, narcissistic, and unrealistic. They accused her of being privileged and lucky, and of giving bad or dangerous advice to her followers, especially young and impressionable ones.

Thewizardliz Depression

Thewizardliz bravely opens up about her battles with depression and anxiety, offering personal insights on coping mechanisms.

Similarly, she advocates about how to deal with depression and anxiety. She says it’s important to change things that make you feel bad. She suggests not listening to bad music or being around bad people and thinks this is important to feel better when you’re struggling with depression or anxiety.

Her YouTube channel serves as a beacon of hope, sharing therapeutic insights gathered from various sources.

Thewizardliz Book Recommendations

Wizard loves to read books and share her recommendations with her followers. She has a shelf on Goodreads where she lists the books that she has read or wants to read.

Some of the books that she has recommended are:

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Thewizardliz Boyfriend, Breakup

According to Liz’s social media, she’s confirmed she has a boyfriend, but she hasn’t revealed his identity, suggesting he’s a bit shy.

She has hinted at her relationship status in some of her Instagram posts, such as one where she wrote “Babe let’s go traveling” takes me to global village.”

However, five months back, Liz uploaded a video on YouTube titled “Why I decided to end my relationship,” where she talked about why she chose to break up. She explained feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and stuck in the relationship, expressing a desire to focus on her own goals and happiness. She mentioned feeling too comfortable in the relationship and wanting to rediscover passion and purpose in her life.

In the video, Liz also described her ex-partner as someone who’s not very social and tends to be clingy, which she found unhealthy. She emphasized the importance of not isolating oneself from one person.

Currently, Liz wants to take a break from dating and concentrate on herself, her growth, and her goals. She wants to rediscover her passion for life. While she mentioned the possibility of reconciling with her ex if they both work on their personal issues, for now, they’ve decided to go their separate ways.

Thewizardliz Plastic Surgery

There is a lot of speculation and curiosity about Thewizardliz’s plastic surgery on the internet. Some people claim that she has undergone several procedures to change her appearance, such as rhinoplasty, cheek implants, lip fillers, eye lifts, jaw botox, and chin fillers.

However, she has not confirmed or denied these rumors, and there is no conclusive evidence to support them. She has only said that her natural hair color is chestnut brown and that she dyes it black

She assures her fans that she holds no opposition to plastic surgery. In her view, while some individuals may feel a boost in confidence following such procedures, others might experience heightened insecurity instead.

Thewizardliz Quotes

Thewizardliz is a source of inspiration and motivation for many people. She often shares her wisdom and advice on various topics, such as self-love, manifestation, confidence, and happiness.

Here are some of her quotes found on the internet:

  • “It’s about you, you are the main character of your life.”
  • “Being hot is a mentality.”
  • “Only here to impress myself.”
  • “It’s never too late to change the direction”
  • “I’m not looking for someone to complete me, I’m complete myself.”
  • “I can change things for myself.”
  • “You create your own reality.”
  • “I don’t want to date anyone, I want to date myself”
  • “I think haters are my biggest fans.”
  • “The best revenge is creating a better life for yourself.”

Thewizardliz MBTI

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test that assigns one of 16 possible types based on four dichotomies: Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving.

According to some sources, Thewizardliz’s MBTI personality type is ENTJ, which means she is an extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging person. ENTJs are often described as confident, ambitious, visionary, and decisive leaders who enjoy taking charge and making things happen. They are also known for their strategic thinking, logical reasoning, and efficiency.

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