login: Find Your Stockbroker’s Login URL

Googling like crazy for login? I know what you are searching for. You made your online trading account from Siprabi Securities Limited (didn’t know that either?). Now you are searching for its login URL.

There are a total of 50 licensed broker companies for trading facilitation in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

Logically, it makes sense to give each broker company a serial number from 1 to 50. However, for some reason, the list is not serial in some cases. There are gaps in the numbering. For example, the second broker company on the list is Arun Securities, which is actually labeled Broker No. 3.

This is why finding the website URL of broker companies is sometimes hard. This might make it simple:

Each broker has a URL that investors can use to log into the Trade Management System (TMS), NEPSE’s online trading platform. The URL looks something like this:

All you need to do is replace the “##” with the broker number of your broker company from where you made your trading account. Remember, the broker number is different from its serial number for some companies.

For instance, for investors who made their trading account at Siprabi Securities (Broker 22), the trading URL is:

After you enter this URL of your broker, you are prompted to the login page. After filling in your login credentials, you will be taken to NEPSE’s online trading platform. The data displayed inside are the same for all investors and updated at the same time regardless of which URL they used to log in.

Broker Details: Siprabi Securities Limited

Siprabi Securities is one of the founder members of Nepal Stock Exchange Limited licensed by Securities Board of Nepal in 1994. The company is located in Damkal Chowk, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

Siprabi Securities contact number: Their official site shows this contact number: 01-5430701.

Siprabi Securities broker number: Siprabi Securities falls on the 18th position in the list of stockbroker companies but its login page uses the number 22. Thus, it is known as broker number 22.

Siprabi Securities has 12,498 online clients, 12,543 active clients, and 6,493 active online clients as of March 19, 2021.

16 thoughts on “ login: Find Your Stockbroker’s Login URL”

  1. Hello I’m a new investor. I’d like to know how do I get paid when I sell my stocks? Do I get directly paid to my bank account or should I visit broker office to receive cheque or something like that?
    If I can do everything online without visiting broker office, which one is best as per your opinion? so that I do not limit myself from choosing best one conditioned by residential barriers.

  2. Samin Gurung

    That’s a good concern, Diskhya.

    Until now, I would tell everyone that every broker is the same, i.e. they all suck. However, some of my friends from my Instagram @nepsetrader have found out that some suck more than others. They don’t pick up calls, they don’t send payment on time, and they reload collateral late.

    I personally use Arun Securities for my stock trading, and it has been fine. And yes, you can receive your payment directly to your bank without ever calling them or visiting them personally.

    If you choose Arun Securities, I will send you the personal contact of the guy who is responsible for payment in their office. Just shoot me a DM at my aforementioned @nepsetrader Instagram account. It is more convenient to talk and solve your queries there.

  3. Hi, Kesav.

    Stock kineko kati vako thiyo? Account ma auna time lagcha.

    3 days vanda paila nai kineko ho vaney kei issue hola. Call your broker. Only they can solve this.

  4. dharma ratna shakya kholda share bechne hune gari aaundain ke garer shara bechne ho jaankari paau ki

  5. K khalko page banako…??? Aru tms ma garda direct aaucha ..yesma chai aaudaina…k para law banako yo…banauna aaudaina vane aru saga sikda huncha…bina kara k dukha dee ra???

  6. hello sir in august 16 i had summited application in your TMS for Transaction my stock still i could not conformation please …

  7. Hi, Hari.

    We are not your broker. This is only an informational article. Please contact your broker via phone.

  8. I have client code but i forget my password as well as my gmail address also. In this condition what should i do. Please help me.

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