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Googling like crazy for login? I know what you are searching for. You made your online trading account from Aryatara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd. (didn’t know that either?). Now you are searching for its login URL.

There are a total of 50 licensed broker companies for trading facilitation in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

Logically, it makes sense to give each broker company a serial number from 1 to 50. However, for some reason, the list is not serial in some cases. There are gaps in the numbering. For example, the second broker company on the list is Arun Securities, which is actually labeled Broker No. 3.

This is why finding the website URL of broker companies is sometimes hard. This might make it simple:

Each broker has a URL that investors can use to log into the Trade Management System (TMS), NEPSE’s online trading platform. The URL looks something like this:

All you need to do is replace the “##” with the broker number of your broker company from where you made your trading account. Remember, the broker number is different from its serial number for some companies.

For instance, for investors who made their trading account at Aryatara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd. (Broker 57), the trading URL is:

After you enter this URL of your broker, you are prompted to the login page. After filling in your login credentials, you will be taken to NEPSE’s online trading platform. The data displayed inside are the same for all investors and updated at the same time regardless of which URL they used to log in.

Broker Details: Aryatara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Aryatara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd. is the stockbroker company licensed by SEBON under securities act 2063, membership from NEPSE to work as a securities business person (Stock Broker) in Nepal and registered depository participants with CDS & Clearing Ltd. The Company was established in 2064-03-03 B.S. It has been providing stock trading services since 2069 B.S and depository service from the establishment of the central depository system (CDSC) in Nepal.

Its head office is located in Anamnagar-29, Kathmandu. Meanwhile, its branch offices are located in Butwal and Dang.

Aryatara Investment & Securities contact number: Their official site shows this contact number: 01-5705596, 5706297, 5707070, 071-537280, 532561, 082-563932, 563933

Aryatara Investment & Securities broker number: Aryatara Investment & Securities falls on the 48th position in the list of stockbroker companies but its login page uses the number 57. Thus, it is known as broker number 57.

Aryatara Investment & Securities has 21,905 online clients, 20,697 active clients, and 8,856 active online clients as of March 19, 2021.

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